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Home-and-Family People move for plenty of reasons new job, downsizing, upsizing, getting married, expired lease, I can go on and on. Despite your exact reason for picking up and moving around, there are a few standard procedures that every cross town move consists of. Read on to follow proper protocol: Big Move: 1. You definitely want to hire either movers and a truck, or rent a Uhaul and ship it yourself. Though the latter option may save you some cash, unless you are big and strong and have experience moving heavy furniture, I’d go with the former. 2. Renting a truck is easy, but don’t forget to fill up the tank with gas before you return it or else they will overcharge you. See how much it will cost to keep the truck an extra day so you don’t have to rush back and forth and break your back to return it by five. Little Move: 1. Find a friend to help you. If all of your buddies are busy that day, strike a bargain with them: maybe you can take them out for dinner, or buy them drinks later that night, or offer to help them if they’re moving soon. 2. If you have extra stuff that doesn’t fit in your buddy’s pickup or the UHaul you rented you can always ship it. It won’t take long to arrive, and it is cheap to ship heavy bulk items like books in boxes and packaging when you have packaging supplies such as packing tape and boxes. Small trips are okay if you’re spreading the move over a week or two, but if you want to make it fast, choose packaging and shipping supplies. Doesn’t matter what size Move: 1. Label all your boxes and packaging according to what room they were once in. This makes it easier to distinguish where they should be unpacked once you move into your new place. Plus, it helps you keep track of items so that nothing gets lost in the move. 2. Packing breakables can be tricky. Place them on the floor of your moving vehicle so they don’t fall off anything. You can also ship them if you have few items in bubble mailer envelopes and packaging and shipping supplies. 3. Pack a little every night. 4. Make sure your route is the fastest one. Doing a quick search on the inter. will help you determine how to arrive if you don’t already know. 5. Give away what you can’t sell at a thrift shop. 6. Pack food all together in one trip so you don’t an item or two and leave it to spoil. Moving is exciting. You will meet new people, explore new neighborhoods, and find all kinds of new restaurants, parks, cafes, and more. While it can be stressful at first, chances are you won’t regret your new home. Enjoy! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: