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Small Business In 2005 marketers caught wind of how effective article marketing was and they jumped all over it. They started blindly submitting articles in droves, clogging article directories with poorly written articles. Directories like Netterweb.., ClickForContent.. and ExpertArticles.. that were around for years suddenly vanished in 2006 In 2006 one of the craves were linking to as many related websites that one could link to, to get top Google search engine ranking. Marketers had hundreds websites linking back to theirs. The motto was, The Faster I Create and Send Out (Poor) Articles The More FREE Links I Get! Tools such as article spinners, article extractors, services and scripts designed to help you save time and create more of this poor quality content were used with the click of a button. Dont use automated tools to produce content or variations of someone elses and try to pass it off as killer or expert content. Google is changing the rules of the game in 2007 and you will have to produce genuine unique Content or you will be sorry. I dont want to scare you here but check this out-If you build quality-content websites, use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles or hire ghost writers to create quality content for you, then keep reading. If you have been involved with Internet Marketing for more than 3 months, then you have probably heard the term: Duplicate Content Penalty. Dont get nailed using duplicate content because eventually your website rankings will drop link a rock. What to do? increasing your understanding of duplicate content and what you choose to do about it. And if you use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and think that you are safe in 2007, then think again and keep reading If you are building a new website using articles that were submitted to an article directory a few months back, you are using stale (duplicate) content that is already being used on thousands of websites. But of course you can get traffic to your websites using these articles-and your website will not get blacklisted for duplicate content BUT, you won’t get top search engine rankings either. Back in 2005-2006, by adding your own .ments you could easily make any third-party article unique. Add an introduction, and a conclusion. The bad news in 2007 is, this is not enough to make your webpages unique to search engines. In 2005 and 2006, keyword density ( how often you use a particular keyword on your webpage) played a major roll in how an article was written. Some search engine experts re.mended that articles (and web content) stick to between 2%-7% keyword density. And they really got ridiculous with this one. In other words, simply adding your primary keyword 10 or 20 times to your article and expecting top rankings just doesn’t cut it anymore. The gap is closing in and Google has finally caught up! The appetite for quality web content is increasing, duplicate content will not be accepted anymore 100% original content is BEST. To Get great Content, You MUST invest the time and address the fundamentals of SEO-Driven Content! So think-how will I get my content together in 2007. A long term well-planned, well-1A executed strategy is what builds a long-term insanely successful business. But after all is said and done, and you still want to use article spinning software to produce Content for your website, here is baisically how it works. You have one 400 word article on TRAVEL that need to be spun 15 times. In other words you want 15 different versions of the same article. Each one must be at least 40% different when checked against the other. This job must be done manually not using a piece of software and all of the 15 versions must read correctly. you should make a test run of 3 spins of one article before going ahead with entire project. When using Article Extractors, depending on the type of extractor you use, you can choose between 10-20 or 50 articles to be extracted. The extractor, extracts the articles from websites with articles which pertain to your article. I find that when writing articles in this manner it is best to extract as many articles as you can. If you extract 15 articles for travel, you will have 15 different articles on the same subject instead of one. Select the best 5-6 articles. Take each of these articles and rewrite them to as much as 40%. Devide again and select the best 2-3 articles, once you have your 2-3 articles, rewrite them again interchanging the text from all articles, this method will help insure that your Content be more unique and appear to be written by you. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: