How To Win Powerball Jackpot And Lose It At The Same Time Learn Not To Loose Your Jackpot!

Arts-and-Entertainment Thank God I am able to come up with this title. I have seen lots of players who won jackpot or big money and they were not able to lay their hand on that money. I dont want this to keep happening that is why I am writing this article to educate every powerball lottery players. Why would you keep playing lotteries if you dont believe you will win? I have discovered that many people are playing lotteries just for the fun of it. They never believe they can win it. And when they now do they will not be able to get it. You need to correct your mind set. You need to always believe that this game is yours to win and do everything possible to make sure you win and this will help you to keep tickets properly. Let me quickly tell you the story of a couple that won 3 millions pounds and was unable to claim their winnings. The day the suppose to be a joyful day turn to a day that was full of bad memories because his wife left him and said he has bad luck. Martyn and kay tott noticed they have won after hearing a TV appeal about the unclaimed jackpot and recognizing the numbers as their own, they had turned their flat upside down trying to find the ticket. After he was unable to find the ticket, he went to Camelot the official investigator who tries all his best to help them because they were satisfied that the couples are the winner of that jackpot. But all effort to claim the jackpot without the ticket proved abortive. Mr. Tott proved that the winning numbers was the numbers he played. 6, 7, 11, 23, 32 and 44 was the winning numbers that was announced. And the officials proved that the numbers were played in Watford where Mr. Tott resides. The couple provided proved and computer verified it. He said the numbers are his own birthday, July 6, his wife birthday, august 7, the wedding date, September 11, the age when they met 23 and 32 and the number of his grandmothers house 44. The proved was good and tally with the winning numbers provided but they were unable to claim their winnings. I did not just tell you this story but I want you to learn from this mistake. Dont throw your ticket away because that ticket may be the one that will change your life and your financial life for good. Always believe that you can win the game and keep your ticket very well. Do you need a proven method of winning the jackpot now? Click here to get the best information you need. You need to play powerball like a professional and to do this you need lotto crusher which will help you to continue winning lotteries every week! For more useful tips about powerballs and how to beat your state lotteries, go to .lottocrusherwin.blogspot.. 相关的主题文章: