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How’s Zhu Ting doing in Turkey? The development of new skills + love dessert Zhu Ting more and more adapt to life in Turkey for China fans, Turkey bank women’s volleyball team before Keifer watts is a strange team, but now the team has become a focus of attention because of China volleyball fan, China volleyball spikers Zhu Ting joined. In recent days, tile Keifer bank played a few warm-up match, Zhu Ting’s performance is getting better and better, and teammates with more understanding. Turning to the new season goals, Zhu Ting bluntly want to get the team to participate in the championship of all the games, we will always be NO.1." The guest takes   to develop new skills in the local time on Saturday, Zhu Ting effect of tile Keifer bank last season and women’s volleyball Champions League casalmaggiore played a warm-up match, the tile bank Keifer 3 than 1 opponents, 4 innings score were 18, 18, 25 than 25 than 25 than 11. 25 more than 20. The campaign, Zhu Ting continued her new owner in good condition, get 20 points. In the last few warm-up matches, Keifer, the head of the Bank of England, has experimented with a variety of combinations in order to find the best fit for the team. According to Zhu Ting introduced in the game, she is generally high and the captain Mendez partner to attack the main Third Bureau of the first two, her partner was replaced by Hill, then Hill and partner mendez. Just into the team, between Zhu Ting and the setter of the tacit understanding is not enough, but as time goes on, familiar with and understand each other with Zhu Ting and the team, two more and more understanding. The last 4 friendlies, Zhu Ting score is able to explain the problem, the first 14 points, 19 points, second field third field 23 points, fourth 20 points, can be said that getting better. With casalmaggiore game, Guy de Siti Zhu Ting also developed new skills, that is to let her play the collusion of the position. The first two, and in the past, Zhu Ting served as the main. The third game, Guy de Siti made adjustments to the lineup, Zhu ting to play. Although the position has changed, but Zhu Ting’s status is still outstanding, third she led the team to 25 than 11 sweep. This game, don’t pick Zhu ting in the receiving position, so she put the focus on the storm, many opponents helpless point storm. It is worth mentioning that Zhu Ting’s service also improved a lot, she was serving in the tyre led the team outscored 5 to 0. Learn to listen to the coach   a modified action with Zhu Ting as a player and a coach is any happiness. In the eyes of Guy de Siti, Zhu Ting technology is comprehensive, both highly and powerful, she is very smart, eager to learn every day." When it comes to learning, as early as China leave to Turkey, Lang Ping told Zhu Ting to play abroad, it is important to experience a variety of different styles of volleyball, with different cultural backgrounds of the coaches and athletes to exchange learning, only in this way will have a deeper understanding and knowledge of volleyball. After listening to Lang Ping, Zhu Ting began her journey to Turkey with a learning attitude. Keifer watt bank website interview Zhu Ting, first asked her how to put their own experience in liuyang. Zhu Ting said, "the Turkey League Champions League level is very high.相关的主题文章: