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Hsu Chi married out debut kiss Nicholas overwhelming shoulder pillow Sina Zhejiang TV entertainment news [micro-blog] "Twelve Feng taste" the third season will begin broadcasting in September 10th 22, Hsu Chi [micro-blog] should be invited by an old friend Nicholas Tse gave their marriage after the first show gimmick also xianshengduoren. It is reported that the first phase of the program and Hsu Chi Stubbs onions washed onions without mercy like the female man, and Nicholas Tse revealed many sister pillow shoulder posture, completely relax in front of her friends show the real side of the "chowhound", also reveal the delicacy of life, don’t like feeling. Hsu Chi to "train up boom" stunt by Nicholas Tse male shoulder pillow twenty years ago, a "young" for the seventeen year old Nicholas Tse became Hsu Chi’s movie actor, two people are also so close. A disappointed tens of years go by, their two people experienced some emotional ups and downs but always maintains constant friendship. In the "Feng taste 3" in the first phase of the program, Hsu Chi is still showing the face of the little girl’s face of Nicholas Tse. In a moving train, Hsu Chi Nicholas Tse provoked the childlike innocence, two people ran a train tail to look at the scenery, at this time Hsu Chi saw the domineering out a hand on the wall, the Nicholas Tse pushed to the corner, a "train boom" attitude bold screw Nicholas Tse, and Nicholas Tse used to joke let Hsu Chi instantly broken work. When the train got bumped Hsu Chi when Hsu Chi will simply be sleepy straws, head gently on the shoulders of Nicholas Tse, Nicholas Tse is naturally smiling to send their young shoulders, met along the way, between the two precipitation decades of friendship and understanding of the words do not, probably only in the Nicholas Tse show Hsu Chi can be so relaxed. Nicholas Tse was invited to eat the lunch the night market Hsu Chi Baked Scallion Pancake although recover the original simplicity is to enjoy the world delicacy restaurant owner Hsu Chi, miss the most is "people first" delicacy. In the broadcast program, recommended her to Nicholas Tse of the Taipei train is convenient and delicacy night market stalls. Hsu Chi said that in her childhood, the train is a craving for food, until one day my mother forgot to do lunch, I had the opportunity to buy a train lunch." Because the memories of childhood, so Hsu Chi’s special zone Nicholas Tse to taste the train lunch, then took Nicholas Tse around Taiwan night market, and whether it is easy to train or night are so accustomed to seeing the delicacy of the table delicacies from land and sea Nicholas Tse praise, can only say that Hsu Chi knows best friend or mind. Perhaps this is to recover the original simplicity delicacy atmosphere of the infection, Nicholas Tse was looking for food is also very simple. Give up the search for rare ingredients, Hsu Chi and Nicholas Tse came to the field to pick the most good fresh onion production Baked Scallion Pancake. Two people together in Tanaka Stubbs onions washed onions, busy awfully also laugh at each other frequently mutual black, the program is full to bursting point. Hsu Chi’s Restaurant "secret" Nicholas Tse high standard Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog] Ma Sichun [micro-blog] with a "front restaurant" idea, Nicholas Tse in the program with an open mind to Hsu Chi for restaurant recipes. Hsu Chi of friends naturally without stint, she said he is Pauline Lan [micro-blog] accident into the catering industry, but in order to;相关的主题文章: