Huadu Hot pot shop 1 dead 2 injured murder solved! 3 people detained 2 people at large-ca1835

Huadu Hot pot shop 1 dead 2 injured murder solved! 3 people detained 2 people at large (flower Xuan Gong Xuan) Guangzhou Huadu police today (October 10th) announced to the media: the day before, Huadu police through careful investigation, detection of 10· rapidly; 5 cases of intentional injury causing death. At present, there are 3 suspects in custody. In October 5th, 23 o’clock, Huadu police received a mass warning, said in Huadu District, dragon road, a hot pot shop doorway intentional injury cases occurred, 5 men killed 1 knives and 2 injuries with a knife. After the incident, the police immediately organized police force to carry out case investigation. The police after 41 hours of careful investigation, police cooperation, quickly locked the suspect object, and arrested the main suspect Xu Tang Mou in October 7th 17 (male, 24 years old, Huadu). In the strong legal deterrent, CO suspects Zou Moufeng (male, 35 years old, Huadu), Zou Mouye (male, 35 years old, Huadu people) surrendered in October 9th 17 to Chini police station. At present, Huadu police have 3 suspects in criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation, the police are stepping up pursuit of fugitives involved. The police solemnly urged the suspects at large to surrender themselves to the masses for leniency.

花都火锅店1死2伤命案告破!3人被拘2人在逃(花公宣 龚宣)广州花都警方今天(10月10日)向媒体通报:日前,花都警方通过缜密侦查,迅速侦破“10·5”故意伤害致人死亡案件。目前,已有3名涉案嫌疑人到案。10月5日23时许,花都警方接到群众报警,称在花都区龙珠路某火锅店门口发生一起故意伤害案件,5名男子持刀行凶致1死2伤。案发后,警方立即组织警力开展案件侦查工作。办案民警经过连续41小时的缜密侦查,多警种联动协作,快速锁定嫌疑对象,并于10月7日17时许抓获主要犯罪嫌疑人汤某(男,24岁,花都人)。在警方强大的法律威慑力下,同案犯罪嫌疑人邹某锋(男,35岁,花都人)、邹某业(男,35岁,花都人)于10月9日17时到赤坭派出所投案自首。目前,花都警方已依法将3名犯罪嫌疑人刑事拘留,该案正在进一步侦办中,警方正抓紧追捕在逃涉案人员。警方严正敦促在逃嫌疑人员投案自首,争取宽大处理。相关的主题文章: