HUAWEI moves into mobile office smart terminal – Sohu

HUAWEI to enter the smart mobile office terminal – Sohu finance related stock movements in February 22, Beijing newspaper (reporter Zhao Yongxin) Barcelona local time Spain 21, HUAWEI in the 2016 Mobile World Congress officially released its first combo notebook computer — HUAWEI MateBook. This marks after the intelligent mobile phone, tablet and wearable devices, HUAWEI started a new field of mobile intelligent terminal into the office set plate, portable notebook computer in one. The combo notebook computer alone can be used as a tablet use, can also connect the keyboard turned to the portability of the notebook computer, is expected in April of this year from dozens of countries in Asia, Europe, America and other places listed. HUAWEI consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said: "HUAWEI hopes to build intelligent terminal to consumers as the center of the whole scene of the era of experience, promote the evolution of the portable computer to the era of mobile office." People’s daily (2016, 02, 23, 10 Edition) author: Zhao Yongxin source people’s daily people’s daily

华为进军移动办公智能终端-搜狐财经 相关公司股票走势   本报北京2月22日电(记者赵永新)西班牙巴塞罗那当地时间21日,华为在2016年世界移动通信大会正式发布旗下首款二合一笔记本电脑――HUAWEI MateBook。这标志着继智能手机、平板、可穿戴设备之后,华为开始进军集平板、便携笔记本电脑功能于一身的移动办公智能终端这一新领域。  该款二合一笔记本电脑可单独用作平板使用,亦可连接键盘变身为轻薄便携笔记本电脑,预计将于今年4月起在亚洲、欧洲、美洲等地的数十个国家陆续上市。华为消费者业务首席执行官余承东表示:“华为希望构建以消费者为中心的智能终端全场景体验时代,推动便携电脑向移动办公时代演变。”  《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月23日 10 版)  作者:赵永新来源人民网-人民日报)相关的主题文章: