Huaxi autumn cold air pushing North autumn – in an unbroken line Beijing-9c8814

Huaxi autumn cold air pushing North autumn – in an unbroken line Beijing China weather network news over the past two days, the eastern part of southwest and northwest regions of significant rainfall caused disaster. Today (20) tomorrow, the region will continue to be rainy weather, Yunnan local heavy rain, the need to guard against geological disasters. The next 10 days, the cold air activity, North China, Huang Huai autumn process accelerated, while the south is likely to reappear in hot weather. Huaxi Autumn Rainstorm in Yunnan in an unbroken line from 18 to 19, the eastern part of southwest and northwest regions of strong rainfall, triggering floods and geological disasters. Among them, Sichuan Panzhihua torrential rains, the disaster caused landslides and road collapse, 15 towns affected 12669 people, 6 people were killed and 11 people missing, the national headquarters of the working group rushed to the local. In addition, Yunnan Kunming City 18, 8 to 19, 8 up to 116.9 mm rainfall, and most of the rainfall concentrated in just a few hours, leading to many of the city were flooded, some sections of the water depth of about forty or fifty cm. September 19th, the people riding the electric car on the road ahead of the difficulty of stagnant water. (source: Xinhua) Central Meteorological Observatory predicted 20 day to 21 days, South Central, Sichuan Yunnan and other places have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain (50 to 55 mm), these local areas and accompanied by strong convective weather such as heavy rainfall short. Today, Sichuan, Yunnan, some areas are still moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Since September this year, the eastern part of Yunnan, Sichuan, central and southern precipitation over the same period last year significantly more. Today tomorrow the area of strong rainfall continues to occur, the small river flood meteorological risk is higher, at the same time, due to the local geological conditions are more complex and vulnerable, geological hazards need to be highly vigilant in short-term local heavy rainfall may lead to. It is expected that in late September, the west region is still more rain. Rainy weather is unfavorable to crop maturity closing sun, suggested to use the gap around the southwest precipitation dry mature crops and harvest, soil bulk moisture, timely sowing rape. The cold air pushing north south hot autumn will reappear yesterday, with the cold air southward, Huang Huai to the mid and lower reaches of Yangtze River in the temperature fell significantly. In addition, as at 6, the sky radiation cooling effect, Beijing (13.3), Shijiazhuang (15.3), Ji’nan (13.3 degrees), Zhengzhou (16.6), Hefei (16.5 degrees), Nanjing (17.3 degrees) of the 6 provincial capital city temperature record since the second half of this year. Low. The next three days, with the cold air southward, the eastern region will fall below the temperature is generally low, Huang Huai and Jianghuai area dropped to 15 degrees Celsius, the Jiangnan region fell to below 20 DEG C, the Southern China area dropped to 20 degrees out. The next 10 days, the cold air activity, North China, Huang Huai will accelerate the process of autumn. In the south of the Yangtze River, Southern China, 25 days after the subtropical high with the west to strengthen again, there may be high temperature reproduction.相关的主题文章: