Hubei armed police amateur team tour 1400 kilometers, condolences to the new comrades – Hubei Channe-zuczug

Hubei Police: Amateur troupe travel 1400 km condolences to new comrades — channel Wuhan 10 14, Hubei qiuyinong, Philco police soldiers warm heart. October 10th to 12, the Hubei Armed Police Corps amateur troupe traveled to Xiangyang, Yichang, Jingmen and other places, travel more than 1400 kilometers, remote units sent to the head of the new training battalion’s concern and the rich cultural feast, warmly welcome new friends. Youth passionate dance "collection under flag", humorous and touching scene "a" comic dyke suspense, magic show "from" phantom, youthful and lively female song "give youth a short hair."…… Wonderful programs one by one, the scene applause bursts of laughter. See Corps amateur troupe performances, the new training battalion recruits also Zibianziyan show they not resigned to playing second fiddle, "Wuhun" interpretation of the new warriors Buweijianxian, daring to fight and win the Jiangyin; "Dancing" hip hop police rhythm cheerful, beautiful dance. Life show all the programs drawn completely from the army, let his comrades uproarious at the same time, also saw the "after 95" new soldiers in the army’s experience and growth, they also see the positive intentions comprehend and interpret the lives of troops, with youth dressed in a police camp, with a new generation of military ideal the pursuit of the interpretation of the core values of the contemporary revolutionary soldier’s view. Recruits Li Xiaofei excitedly said: "long ago heard that the amateur performance of the Corps repeatedly in the army, headquarters and other theatrical performances and competitions won awards, I can not really enjoy their programs here, it is extremely exciting!" (Wang Xiaoguang He Zhili) to share: (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun)

湖北武警:业余演出队行程1400公里慰问新战友–湖北频道–人民网 人民网武汉10月14日电 荆楚大地秋意浓,警营飞歌暖兵心。10月10日至12日,武警湖北总队业余演出队辗转襄阳、宜昌、荆门等地,行程1400多公里,为偏远单位的新训大队送去了首长的关怀和丰盛的文化大餐,受到新战友们的热烈欢迎。 青春激昂的舞蹈《集合在军旗下》,幽默感人的情景相声《大堤小憩》,悬念跌宕的魔术表演《移步幻影》,青春活泼的女兵表演唱《给青春理一个短头发》……精彩节目一个接一个,现场掌声雷动,欢笑阵阵。 看到总队业余演出队的精彩演出,新训大队的新兵们也不甘示弱,他们自编自演的节目《武魂》演绎了新战士不畏艰险、敢打必胜的时代强音;街舞《舞动警营》节奏欢快,舞姿优美。演出所有节目取材完全来源于部队的点滴生活,让战友们捧腹大笑的同时,也看到了“95后”新战士们在部队的历练和成长,也看到了他们正用心领悟和解读部队的生活,用别样的青春装扮着警营,用新生代军人的理想追求诠释着当代革命军人的核心价值观。 新兵李小飞兴奋地说:“早就听说总队业余演出多次在全军、总部等文艺汇演和比赛中履获大奖,想不到还真能在这里欣赏到他们的节目,真是兴奋极了!”(汪晓光 何智利) 分享到: (责编:张沛、张隽)相关的主题文章: