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Hunan police rumor "deaf people were buried alive: error buried – Hubei Channel – death original title: Hunan police rumor" deaf people were buried alive: "miss Beijing in October 7 buried lethal Xinhua, Hunan Province Public Security Bureau official micro-blog news, September 27th at 6 pm, Yueyang County township a battlefield A Zhongzhou wrongful death case. Yueyang County police found that the case is a shovel driver who has been negligent when driving a shovel, and mistook the victim to death. At present, the shovel driver Chen XXX has been approved by the county procuratorate. According to the investigation, Chen Moumou (sand forklift driver) and Su Moumou (deaf mute, sand roasting worker, and the habit of cleaning sand filter board into the sand oven) are the colleagues in the field. On the day of the incident, Chen was driving a shovel to the sand machine to pour sand, because of negligence, mistaken for the death of Su and XX. In September 28th, the county public security bureau investigated the case on the case. On the same day, the criminal suspect, Chen XX, was detained in criminal law. In September 30th, it was approved by the county procuratorate. At present, the case is still in the process of further handling. Earlier, according to media reports, there were rumors that a deaf mute in Yueyang, Hunan, was retaliated by his colleagues and died of death while working in a sand stone field. (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Guan Xiyan)

湖南警方辟谣“聋哑人遭活埋”:误埋致死–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:湖南警方辟谣“聋哑人遭活埋”:误埋致死   人民网北京10月7日电 据湖南省公安厅官方微博消息,9月27日早上6时许,岳阳县中洲乡某沙场发生一过失致人死亡案。经岳阳县警方查明,案件系沙场铲车司机驾铲车倒沙时疏忽大意,误将受害人填埋致死。目前,铲车司机陈某某已被县检察院批准逮捕。   经查,陈某某(沙场铲车司机)与苏某某(聋哑人;沙场烘沙工;有进入烘沙炉清理滤沙板的习惯)系沙场同事,素无矛盾。事发当天,陈某某驾铲车往烘沙机倒沙时,因疏忽大意,误将苏某某填埋致死。9月28日,县公安局对该案立案侦查。当天,犯罪嫌疑人陈某某被依法刑事拘留。9月30日,其被县检察院批准逮捕。目前,该案仍在进一步办理中。   此前,据媒体报道,有传言称湖南岳阳一名聋哑人在沙石场工作时遭同事报复并被活埋致死。 (责编:张沛、关喜艳)相关的主题文章: