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In Sichuan, Daocheng, we see a chicken you can’t see! [lead] Tourism – Sohu this may be the most China "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! – the past second seasons – [7, in Sichuan, Daocheng, we see you can not see the chicken! ] Daocheng County itself is a not what are the characteristics of the town, but the surrounding mountains is a good time to take a day to enjoy. In July 12, 2011 the weather is fine, the sky is blue and sad, but the sun still shone down naked plateau, still sinister. The five of us slept until we woke up, and rented a bike in the hostel to take a stroll around Daocheng. Before we to hostel desk clerk about the route, like that is owed him five million, face to see how uncomfortable desk clerk threw us a Daocheng tourism book, on the recommendation of a about 20 kilometers of Tibetan temples with white teach Jie Si ", it is said to be the only see the national treasure" the wild animal eared pheasants "place. Think I have been yellow and red temple, just have not been to the white temple, is very interested in, and this is just 20 km away and Daocheng County, the essence of landscape, we agreed to the Jie temple. It is said that Daocheng is the real Shangri-La, probably because the traffic is not convenient, no matter from Chengdu or came from Kunming, at least to spend two days away, and no train, but not in the Sichuan Tibet line or Yunnan Tibet line, relatively fewer tourists, damage degree is relatively low, the natural scene is preserved good. However, just before we go out of the county seat for a long time, then saw the repair of the airport, it is frustrating, the original process of modernization is the destruction of the real Shangri-La. A few pedestrians on the road, every Tibetan smile to greet us, driving people even put his head out of the window and waved to us, that smile on their faces from the heart, how can hold out. Once in a while, a monk in a bright monk’s robes roared past a motorcycle, and the monk’s robes rose in the wind. Of course, our journey is not playing field is Everything is going smoothly., some Tibetan children see us through, come to eat a sugar, for these little Yaojin we had heard, only the same day in a hurry, forgot to buy sugar prepared with Gina from Shenzhen, with some pencils and forgot to take over for delivery out. No candy, the children began to change money, not to pull the bike does not let go, we have to get the rest of the change from point to point out, then overwhelm children endless, even our own dry food distribution are exhausted, so we had to stop again met Land Rover quickly. The car fled, they found a catch catch, will be laughing away, it is a funny thing.相关的主题文章: