In the face of adversity complain may wish to look at life from another angle-ratatouille

In case of adversity complain might change the perspective of life peers: suggestions might meet adversity complain about another perspective of life to walk on, Zhang Shuangwu out the truth: "another perspective of the world, adversity into prosperity, complaining of twists and turns of life, may wish to look for look at yourself upside down, a point of view, but also a way of self-cultivation." In school, Zhang Shuang brought the name, many teachers, students, track and field, master Zhao aunt canteen are thumbs up. We praise him politely, uncle and aunt from the mouth, and diligent, often early in the morning to the track and field, after the training will help Zhao master work, moving equipment, put equipment, transport garbage, the track and field, where necessary, he quickly came up a hand. Father released his son in the first time to create a world record of the news, he was proud to say that his son from the good line, do things seriously. Junior high school, the school playground training bunker sand, he just from the Jialing River in a bag of a bag to carry sand; mother buy egg in the home town, did not pay attention to the other side of a yuan of money, he insist back. Zhang Shuang always sit in the first row of the class, it will learn, grade first, or monitor. In October 28th, he will represent the Xihua Normal University to participate in the Sichuan normal university teaching ability contest in 2016. Come to consult him mentees, Zhang Shuang replied: "everything is possible! As long as you are in this process, especially when it is difficult, very difficult to firmly believe in yourself, to prepare!" "The dream is always there, if achieved! Everyone can create miracles!" Friends, happy, Zhang Shuang to give us a show out of lectures, inverted; Zhang Shuang will walk upside down, talk about their dreams; and even scenic please go to show Zhang Shuang, when inverted he would make some fancy moves, more ornamental. Next year, Zhang Shuang will graduate from the University, the door of life has just opened, he said he would go step by step, do not forget the beginning of the heart. Intern fan Otome Huaxi City Reader reporter Su Dingwei picture provided by the respondents相关的主题文章: