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Increase mortgage tightening is not differentiated credit Sohu financial Weakness lends wings to rumours. possibility of mortgage tightening is not – Yan Yue Weakness lends wings to rumours. in Jingan in August 17th the history of the highest price the most expensive land after the birth of 5 days, Shanghai emergency stop to sell three plots. Beijing during the 3 months without homestead launched 4 months without homestead turnover. Shenzhen in July with the introduction of residential land transactions, in August for the land is concentrated in the business office, industrial land. Prior to this, the Nanjing in the policy to modify the soil before, had suspended the sale of 8 plots. This series of information led to the market for land and mortgage policy speculation, and September is often an important time window adjustment policy. Judging from the situation in recent years, each year in September 30th and in March 30th is the window of housing credit policy adjustments. In September 30, 2015, the central bank and the CBRC jointly issued the "notice concerning the relevant issues to further improve the differentiated housing credit policy, in the implementation of the purchase of " " measures of the city, the purchase of ordinary housing for the first time on the households of commercial individual housing loans, the minimum down payment for the adjustment of the ratio of not less than 25%. "Notice" also stressed that the central bank and the CBRC dispatched offices shall be in accordance with " guidance, due to the policy of " the principle of strengthening the communication with local government, according to the different city jurisdiction, based on national unified credit policy, to guide the market interest rate pricing mechanism at the provincial level according to the actual situation of local autonomy and self-discipline first determine the minimum within the commercial individual housing loan payment. This is the current implementation of the housing mortgage policy. Prior to March 30, 2015, the central bank, the Ministry of housing, the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued "on the personal housing loan policy related issues notice", September 30, 2014, the central bank and the CBRC jointly issued the "Circular on further improving the housing finance service". This year, the real estate exposed problems, increasing the possibility of the introduction of differentiated real estate credit policy. From the first half of this year, the RMB loan sector distribution, the rapid growth of household loans, especially individual housing loans to further accelerate growth. An increase of 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan in the first half of individual housing loans, an increase of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan at the end of 6, the growth rate reached 32.2%, the monthly increment of record highs, this is mainly because of commercial housing sales growth rate higher, driven by rapid growth of individual housing loans. In July 463 billion 600 million yuan of new loans, almost all of the household loans, especially individual housing loans. In this regard, the central bank responsible person explained that from the household sector loans, this growth is more prominent, of course, and many city real estate market warming, the first 7 months of the average monthly individual long-term housing loans of nearly 400 billion yuan, seasonal fluctuations is small. Regulators want precious blood flows of new loans to the real economy, rather than into the real estate market, fueling asset bubbles. So, some of this round of real estate led the city to start using credit limit restriction measures. Recently, together.相关的主题文章: