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Institutional investors based new trends generous three gallon QDII Fund – fund channel / reporter Wu Xiaojing, editor Yu Yong to make a choice in the more than 4 thousand public fund, you will not start? In the face of such a huge fund camp, the selection of fund has become a massive project. Study the strength of institutional investors’ investment base preference, the market has become the focus of attention. The latest disclosure of the fund semi annual institutional investors "investment" to "exposure", with the trend of domestic asset shortage intensified, has been "marginalized" QDII fund has managed to win the favor of institutional investors, more and more organizations are starting to really stand in the perspective of global asset allocation. In addition, more than two years in the continuation of the bond bull market, the bond fund investment institutions has always been dominant, with banks and other institutions in the outsourcing of funds raised funds to become the new "golden master", institutions for the debt based configuration to further enhance. The heat preservation fund issued in the first half, both offensive and defensive qualities have also been favored by institutional investors. To strengthen the layout of the domestic shortage of the face of the plight of the domestic asset allocation, a single domestic market investment will undoubtedly be more severe challenges, institutional investors will re invest overseas. According TX statistics, the first half of 2016, institutional investors hold shares for QDII fund from the end of 10 billion 462 million to 26 billion 249 million copies, with 15 billion 787 million copies of the year. In fact, at the end of last year, institutional investors for holding ratio of QDII is only 15.91%, while the first half of this year, the proportion of institutions for holding funds has increased to 29.64%, up 13.73 percentage points. The layout of prospective institutional investors also make it profitable, since this year QDII fund performance overall performance is very excellent, according to Choice statistics, as of August 26th, a total of 25 QDII funds this year, the net increase of more than 10%, among them, 9 QDII funds this year net increase of more than 20%, the performance of the best bank of standard & Poor’s global resources. QDII net weight index rose as high as 37.18%. Lin Chuanhui, general manager of GF fund seems to change the domestic investment environment to promote the transformation of investment, overseas configuration has become an effective way to improve the investment frontier and path. At present, China’s asset management industry is ushering in the best period of globalization, diversified investment. On the policy side, China’s asset management industry overseas configuration policy more open. From the investment side, with the slow development of the global economy, asset yields fell, asset management institutions are actively innovation, seek development in change. The dominant debt based investment in this round of bond bull market has been going on for more than two years, after experiencing some volatility, investors seem to be somewhat tangled bond market outlook. But institutional investors in the bond fund investors still dominate the structure, and further increase the allocation ratio. According TX statistics, the first half of 2016.相关的主题文章: