Integrated design concept of the brand N-One in Chongqing don’t have to worry about

"Integrated design concept of the brand" N-one in Chongqing don’t have to worry about Zhuangshan, still can not find satisfactory clothes, pick the right collocation, a Zhuangshan trouble? Then, the new century metropolis settled integrated conceptual design brand N-one, you must come and see! Xiao Bian learned N-one and other brands are different, the price is more close to the people, design more fashion according to the Century Plaza N-one brand agents: "a new generation of consumers have a strong brand awareness, preference to try new trend of products and services, but not too much time shopping, this is the new middle class in the consumption fashion the present status of the art and design products, content. And only "store brand collection" can help to solve the problem of this part of the crowd to find most worth buying goods in the shortest time, through the integration of content, a mix of changeable life style, self demands. Based on the background of the market positioning of this, N-one hopes the brand buyers and trend of push, ITGIRL series, collection will cross the latest trend of global IT and single product series, into our life style, sense of luxury boutique integrated final presentation LOHAS fashion concept of zero distance, dedicated to the design. All the possible fashion are accompanied by a new design concept of brand integration — the arrival of N-one, for all love design, the beauty of your extraordinary new experience. The civilians, in stark contrast to fair and noble fashion brand, from brand guidelines, we real connotation and spirit of N-one, as a key era, with a strong contradiction, collision technique, open all rigid style boundaries, the most ordinary and extraordinary you design links, will be the world’s most the excellent design of a single product, collection came to your wardrobe, all the opposite style design, art and orderly collocation together, not wrong! N-one is possible! Brand search: Guanyin Bridge Century metropolis 2F now out of the ordinary integrated conceptual design brand N-one, has strong settled Century metropolis, just out of the ordinary you!

“设计集成概念品牌”N-one入驻重庆 再也不用担心撞衫啦   还在为找不到满意的衣服,挑不到合适的搭配,一次次的撞衫而烦恼?   那么,这次世纪新都全新入驻的设计集成概念品牌N-one你一定要来看看!   小编了解到N-one和其他品牌有所区别,价格更为亲民,设计更为时尚   据世纪新都N-one品牌代理商介绍:“ 新一代消费者有很强的品牌意识 , 偏好尝试新奇潮流产品和服务 ,却没有太多逛街时间,这是国内新兴中产阶级对于消费时装和设计品,艺术内容的现状。而只有“ 品牌集合店 ” 能帮助这部分人群解决在最短时间找到最多值得购买商品的难题,通过各项内容集成,达成多变混搭,自我的生活风格诉求。   立足于这样的市场背景定位下,N-one希望通过品牌买手和趋势推手,ITGIRL系列,跨界 collection 将全球最新最快的趋势IT单品和系列,带进我们的风格生活,最终呈现乐活时髦的零距离奢侈感集成精品店,致力于设计之上的概念。   一切的时髦可能都伴随着――全新设计集成概念品牌N-one的到来,给所有爱设计,爱美的你带来全新的非凡体验。将平民,集市和高贵的时装品牌形成强烈的对比,来源于我们品牌真正的内涵和精神指引,N-one,就像一把时代钥匙一样,用矛盾,强烈对撞的手法,打开所有僵固的风格界限,将最平凡的你和非凡的设计链接,将全球最出色的设计单品,collection来到你的衣柜里面,将所有对立的格调设计,艺术有序的搭配在一起,没有错!N-one就是无限可能!   品牌搜索地:观音桥世纪新都2F   现在与众不同的设计集成概念品牌N-one,已强势入驻世纪新都,只为与众不同的你!相关的主题文章: