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IPhone 7 finally released, the best iPhone ever? Sohu technology iPhone 7 is destined to be a controversial iPhone! Today, watch a dozen Apple Conference (by ocean browser) senior fruit powder Geek Jun to tell you: iPhone 7 the history of the most ugly? IPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus believe that we are going to see spit, maintaining the overall integration of iPhone metal body 6 series, the "antenna design" across the board, looks like the machine model Huaqiang North 25 dollars an ugly! "Hey, why I feel no fluctuation? Although iPhone 7 is ugly, but the selection of the new color apple has let iPhone 7 shine! This color is: bright black! Mr. Geek and look for a statement to tell you, "black" is how to make high-end iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus bright black version contains nine by anodic oxidation and polishing precision crafted. The surface hardness of the products is the same as that of other Apple products treated with anodic oxidation. However, the high gloss surface may appear to be slightly worn with daily use. In other words, it is best to wear sets, or even if there is no scratch also become a fingerprint collector (Geek Jun recommend that you buy a clear water jacket). The new iPhone production process, of course, the new color is the tip of the iceberg, then Mr. Geek tell you iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus in other aspects of the upgrade. The best iPhone in the history of the first is, iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus uses a new Home key, the abolition of the mechanical transmission structure, instead of using Tap Engine to trigger the vibration feedback…… In other words, Home keys are no longer afraid of being broken! The Home key equipped with Tap Engine and the new iPhone fuselage joined the waterproof design of IP67 level (more than a poor waterproof Samsung SONY), but you do not hand cheap lost water, because the official explained very clearly written: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus splash, water resistance and dust. The test under controlled laboratory conditions, the effect reached the IP67 level in the IEC 60529 standard. Splash proof, water proof, dust proof function is not permanent, the protective performance may be decreased due to daily wear and tear. Do not charge for iPhone in wet condition. Please refer to the manual for cleaning and drying instructions. Damage due to immersion in liquid is not within the scope of warranty.   相关的主题文章: