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Even friends for many years following the hardcore niche shops are not popular because, as People are hurrying to and fro. bookstore. Most of the time, Liu in the store to sit around drinking tea. Liu is a secret, never fry books, love the people will buy. No matter how scarce the comics to the store, the store is the unspoken rule old buyers pricing 20 percent off away, but only the purchase of one or two per person, and friends are not likely to take him out of the dozens of comic book store just took all the breath. Because he has to ensure that after each of the old customers to the store can basically buy parity. The scarcity of comic books, comic artists to shop, Liu will not swing in the bookstore, call a sound in QQ or WeChat "circle of friends", we will have him leave the book. Hardcore even friends of my years follow the pavement relocated several times, but no matter where patrons, all the way to follow." It is a group of friends support, the store can go now. A teacher who lives in the eastern outskirts of the earliest books of the time was 39 years old, now already 62 years old, he is still a way to buy books. The bookstore where Liu, Zhang will follow where Liu shop basically are comic books he has read. Each store to sit for a day reading, he said: "since the childhood love of comic books, thanks to Liu, let me also pursue the memory of childhood." Two days ago, the store sold a ten thousand yuan worth of "drawn by Sun Wen Qing, a dream of Red Mansions", said Liu lost into the market after reading comic book collection market, the price is rising all the way, he knew even friends, engage in the collection are very optimistic about the market, because many comic books have out of print, but for most even friends, collecting comic books more or a feeling of nostalgia. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Liu Chenping photo coverage相关的主题文章: