Is it really useful to freeze a bottle of coke for 3 hours and 50 happynewyear

Is it really useful to freeze a bottle of coke for 3 hours and 50? Home appliances this thing, born and other digital products. If the mobile phone is coquettish beauty, the appliance is unremarkable, but kind-hearted girl next door. Practical greater than interesting, which is the characteristics of most household appliances. However, the human brain hole is unlimited, small series in the search for a treasure to find inspiration, they found a fun thing – USB refrigerator. USB power supply? Three minutes speed refrigeration? As long as 42? Also package mail? What the hell is that? Out of curiosity and the spirit of death, Xiaobian immediately cut the hand of a logistics, the speed can also be from shipment to receipt within two days (specially selected Shenzhen seller). The refrigerator shell body made of plastic material, the refrigerator door opening and closing is also very smooth. However, there is no rubber and other things near the refrigerator door to enhance the tightness, so that the air conditioner will not run away? There is an air outlet at the bottom, you can see a small fan similar to a computer radiator. The switch has two gears, gear is a refrigeration, heating. Can still make hot! Do not talk nonsense, we turn on the power to see if this thing is really 3 minutes refrigeration. 3 minutes later, the floor temperature was measured at a temperature of 12.7 DEG C, and the temperature of the refrigerator was about 0~10 degrees C, which seemed to be the first thing in theory to make the drink ice. We put a can of coke at room temperature, and measure the temperature at intervals. In order to facilitate the view, the small series of the measured temperature and time changes into a table. We found that in the first 40 minutes, due to a large difference between the temperature and the bottom plate temperature, so the temperature decreased rapidly, and after 40 minutes, the temperature drop is very slow. And because the refrigerator almost no insulation capacity, so can only rely on the cans at the bottom and refrigerator part of direct contact heat transfer, completely cool may need 3 hours or longer time estimation. And according to the knowledge of physics, cold liquid will stay in cans bottom, which makes the temperature on the two parts have a certain difference. Finally let the next card to engage the Beastmaster greatly try to drink, taste? Then try the heating effect, the same is first heated for 3 minutes, the bottom temperature. Put the drink in, this time only two hours, the beverage temperature reached a high temperature. The results show that the heating speed is faster than that of refrigeration, which is because the hot beverage will flow upward and form the thermal cycle. Summary, the advantages of the refrigerator are: 1. No separate power supply, plug in the computer or charging treasure can be used; 2. Small size, light weight, can be placed on the desk; 3. Although there is no way to quickly make the drink cool, but you can just buy a cold drink into it to prevent it from becoming hot; 4. Hot and cold dual-use; disadvantages are: 1. The heating rate is too slow, thirsty people can not afford to buy a drink for so long to drink; 2. The shell can not heat preservation, waste相关的主题文章: