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Jackie Chan "Railway" Flying Tiger "Kung Fu yoga" double Qi Hesui Sina entertainment news today, two Jackie Chan [micro-blog] comedy "Railway" Flying Tiger "Kung Fu yoga" also announced profile. "Flying Tiger" set the file in December 30th, "Kung Fu yoga," the first day of the new year (January 28, 2017), one end, contracting global new year. The two film is a grassroots inspirational, one is the global adventure, different styles of action comedy look forward to a different attitude to make the audience laugh. In November 12th, Jackie Chan will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Oscar, becoming the first Chinese to obtain the lifetime achievement award of the Chinese people in the world, and will be awarded the lifetime achievement award of the Chinese people by the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Republic of china. A news release, they attracted the media and users of discussion, with Jackie Chan for 40 years, in hundreds of movies, bring joy to countless audience at home and abroad. In 1995, the film "the Bronx" concept is also the first time the introduction of the mainland, enable the "surreal", as the originator of the surreal, Jackie Chan this year for the first time, two completely different styles of action comedy "two new year" opening action comedy "new years". It is reported that the two new year film director Ding Sheng [micro-blog] and Stanley Tong [micro-blog], is working with Jackie Chan more than 3 gold partner, in the "Railway" Flying Tiger, Jackie Chan will partner Huang Zitao [micro-blog], Wang Kai [micro-blog], [micro-blog] Wang, the team on the train "big ticket", and "Kung Fu" in yoga, Jackie Chan and Aarif Lee, Zhang Yixing [micro-blog] global adventure. The "Flying Tiger" grassroots inspirational Huang Zitao Wang Kai Wang, Jackie Chan child very miserable "in the" Railway "Flying Tiger, Jackie Chan’s flying tiger team captain, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Wang will lead, etc. one small meat dry event". Big brother and little meat "group battle" lineup and novelty, the Flying Tigers collective "grassroots brothers", and the villain wits will become a big joke. It is reported that during filming, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Wang, etc. a small meat was child miserable ", completely subvert their existing. Still flying tigers collective wearing elaborate design "patch", clothing from color to style is very special, this beautiful comic style dress, make friends laugh as the most handsome patch ". In today’s exposure of the poster, the key elements of the train film revealed truth, the Flying Tigers in the different posture grilled on a speeding train fire fighting. It is reported that the film fried bridge, hit the train scenes scenes a lot, "big brother to the grassroots" blood inspirational, laughing point frequently. The "Flying Tiger" is the director Ding Sheng launched in the "rescue" after the first film my mr.. Director Ding Sheng for the shaping of man always has a special liking, from "young soldiers", "Police Story 2013" to the "Railway" Flying Tiger, no versatility is not elaborate describes people in three in collaboration with Jackie Chan. But in the "Flying Tiger", Ding Sheng will be a small group of people, but also for the first time to the big guy – the train, challenge. Different from the "little tiger" did not figure railway culture, Jackie Chan is a professor in the University of graceful bearing "Kung Fu yoga", led by Aarif Lee and Zhang Yixing traveled all over the world, adventure. In addition to Kung Fu Comedy and adventure相关的主题文章: