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Japanese media attention Hengda fined fans Tucao: loss of hegemony in Asia. –   sports Sohu; Beijing on February 4th news AFC (AFC) announced the decision on punishment and discipline team over the Guangzhou Hengda home court: the first of the season AFC Champions League League, Hengda sent field operations; Hengda was fined $160 thousand, China the football association also received a $10 thousand fine. Japan’s major media have been informed of this news, attracted a large number of Japanese fans Tucao, many people think: "although Hengda gold, embrace many big players into the football world today, but in the operation, and other aspects of self-discipline as a loss of the Asian overlord’s style", "Hall of fame Asian champion, too disgrace." Japanese media reports, according to the AFC disciplinary committee of the penalty notice, in November 21st last year, Dubai Hengda home court against al Ahly AFC Champions League finals of the second round of competition, in violation of the relevant provisions of AFC Champions League League: including unauthorized shooting opponents closed training, held commercial interests without authorization after the ceremony, violation of the AFC sponsor, and exists in a host of other games, doing security work is not in place and other issues. Hengda penalty in the season opener AFC Champions League home court (February 24th) and to pay a fine of $160 thousand, Chinese Football Association was fined $10 thousand. The article points out that this season AFC Champions League, Hengda and Japan’s Urawa Red Diamonds in group H with: two teams will be in March 16th, April 5th in Hengda home court, the home court of jade Urawa stadium contest?. Hengda punished by the AFC news has become a hot topic of Japanese fans. A lot of people Tucao, Hengda, although the financial strength of the star gathered: "these violations occur, as Asian champions do not feel ashamed", "lost Asian king" demeanor?." A lot of people, regardless of willingness to change clothing sponsor Evergrande chest advertising storm: "this a series of actions that Chinese team to become the outside world because of the Asian king, also need self-discipline, more standardized operation spirit and professional skills, have ridiculed for the Asian overlord image loss to rival." Hengda created a team’s Marshal gathered through money, but the champion of insufficient purity, only the shell without a strong football heritage and occupation spirit, from real football giants too far." Some fans sympathize with Evergrande’s first rival of the AFC Champions League: "without spectators, Hengda’s opponents are implicated, too poor."." Some people joked: "160 thousand dollars for Hengda neither painful nor itching. This season, Hengda also introduced a La Liga Atletico Madrid striker Martinez and other players, it can still optimistic about the defending league team AFC Champions League, J is not Hengda opponents ", pointed out that the AFC punishment is too light. (Mai Yuan) 日媒关注恒大遭罚 日球迷吐槽:失亚洲霸主风范-搜狐体育     北京时间2月4日消息 亚足联(AFC)宣布了对中超球队广州恒大的违纪处罚决定:本赛季亚冠联赛的首个主场,恒大被罚空场作战;恒大被处以16万美元的罚款,中国足协也收到了1万美元的罚款。日本各大媒体也纷纷通报了这一消息,引来大批日本球迷的吐槽,很多人认为:“虽然恒大夺金,揽进当今世界足坛的很多大牌球星,但在运营、自律等方面的作为有失亚洲霸主的风范”,“堂堂的亚洲冠军,也太丢脸了。”   日媒报道介绍,根据亚足联纪律委员会的这份处罚公告,恒大在去年11月21日主场对阵迪拜阿赫利的亚冠决赛第二回合比赛中,违法了亚冠联赛的相关规定:包括未经许可拍摄对手的封闭训练课、举行未经授权的赛后仪式、侵犯亚足联赞助商的商业权益,并且存在在主办其他场比赛时,安保工作方面做得不到位等问题。恒大被罚在本赛季亚冠主场作战的首场比赛(2月24日)空场,并且缴纳16万美元的罚金,中国足协也被处以1万美元的罚款。文章指出,本赛季的亚冠,恒大与日本的浦和红钻同分在了H组:两队将在3月16日、4月5日在恒大的主场、浦和的主场?玉体育场进行较量。   恒大遭到亚足联处罚的新闻也成为日本球迷热议的话题。很多人吐槽恒大虽然财力雄厚球星云集:“发生这些违纪行为,作为亚洲冠军不感到羞耻吗”,“有失亚洲王者的风范。”不少人旧事重提恒大不顾赞助商意愿更改服装胸前广告的风波:“这一系列行为都证明中国的球队要想成为令外界敬服的亚洲王者,还需要自律、更规范的运营精神和专业的操作能力”,纷纷揶揄受罚令恒大的亚洲霸主形象大损:“恒大通过金钱打造了一支聚集了名帅名将的强队,但冠军的成色不足,只有空架子无深厚的足球底蕴和职业精神,距离真正意义的足球豪门还太远。”有的球迷则同情起恒大届时的亚冠首场对手:“没有观众的比赛,恒大的对手一并受牵连,太可怜了。”有的人调侃道:“16万美元对于恒大来说不痛不痒。本赛季恒大又引进了西甲马德里竞技的前锋马丁内斯等悍将,还是看好它能卫冕亚冠,J联赛的球队都不是恒大的对手”,指出亚足联的处罚过轻。(麦媛)相关的主题文章: