Japan’s highly educated couples to open marriage no longer mind each other derailed-pppd-175

Japan’s highly educated couples Xing "open marriage" never mind the other derailed Beijing – [Global Times correspondent in Japan, Li Ying] monogamous couples requirements are loyal to each other, but now some highly educated, high income families in Japan, the couple tolerate each other derailed open marriage". Japan’s "Oriental economy" magazine website reported on 10, in the "open marriage" in women have some common points: the annual income of more than 6 million yen (about 380 thousand yuan), beautiful, slim, good attitude and have children. They have a good financial ability, but also have confidence in their own appearance, do not worry about the negative impact of being derailed by her husband. They are very mature, but also have social experience, there will not be a tendency to love. Reported that these women enjoy a moment of pleasure and the derailment of a dangerous game. The rules of their participation in the game is also very simple, beautiful dress can make men hooked. Analysis reported that many high-income women choose "open marriage", on the one hand is to regret not because of love and marriage, increases with age and worry about their female consumer term expires, so I hope to continue to look for the feeling of love; on the other hand, a husband for his wife derailed by anger into calm, and he also began to stray. Although the couple two people to maintain an open marriage, but there is a hint of understanding: not to break the family. Now more and more women in Japan to the workplace, have their own work and income, but most women still choose to become a full-time housewife after marriage, the economy depends on her husband. Therefore, the phenomenon of "open marriage" exists only in some highly educated, high-income families in Japan is not universal.相关的主题文章: