Jiangsu issued a strong yellow warning onshore wind will reach 5 to 9-9c8996

Jiangsu issued a gale warning yellow onshore wind will reach 5 to 9 – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Nanjing September 16th news (reporter Zhao Jiulong) Jiangsu provincial meteorological station 16, 16 issued a gale warning yellow, is expected within the next 24 hours, there may be 8 gust wind in Yancheng, Nantong, Taizhou, Northern Nanjing, Yangzhou Huai, the southern and Eastern Lianyungang area. Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued 16, by the "Meranti" residual circulation westerly trough and cold air, 16 days of precipitation echo across Jiangsu, heavy rain occurred between the area along the Huaihe River, along the river and the Huaihe River, heavy rain in some areas, short-term heavy rainfall occurs in some areas of Nanjing Dachang etc.. At present, the precipitation echo in moving to the north, the southern area of Jiangsu has been gradually weakened, along the Yangtze River and the area north of the strong rain, the wind is too large. According to statistics, 16 to 17, the cumulative rainfall along the river, along the Yangtze River and the Huaihe between 50 to 150 mm, local 250 to 300 mm; the rest of 10 to 30 mm, 50 mm locally. 16 to 17, there will be part of the east to the northeast winds, onshore winds up to 5 to 9, coastal areas of the sea from 9 to 11. The latest forecast shows that 17 days, Jiangsu province showers overcast to cloudy, eastern area rainfall is moderate; 18, Southeast Jiangsu overcast with rain, other areas cloudy to overcast; 19, Jiangsu province’s cloudy weather; 17 to 19, Jiangsu Province, the larger the wind. Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Observatory reminded the government and relevant departments to do work duties in accordance with the wind; stop outdoor activities such as outdoor and high risk operations, personnel and dangerous danger zone residents to sheltered place to shelter from the wind; related to water operations and passing ships to take positive measures to cut off the power supply; outdoor danger; airports, highways and other units to ensure traffic safety the measures; the relevant departments and units to pay attention to forest and grassland fire.相关的主题文章: