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Jiangsu lifts brother award 5000 yuan lift water drowning old man 10 minutes of Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Wang Xu Wang Guozhu) the old man pulled back sunscreen net, accidentally kicked caikong fall into the Hanoi river near the 4S shop staff Zhang Jun regardless of freezing and sporadic odor, struggling to jump into Hanoi to save. Because the bank was not vertical, landing, Zhang Jun grabbed a hand in the river water pipe, water holding the old man, more than and 10 minutes later, with the help of everyone in the old man rescued. Reporters yesterday from the relevant department, Zhang Jun won the honorable prize of 5000 yuan. "No, no one has fallen into the river." In November 12th 4 pm, came a hurried Jingjiang near the sound of distress, issued a distress signal in a nearby 4S store guard Jiang Xiaoguo. Jiang small old, can not swim, the shop staff heard to, but no one can swim, you do not worry. At this time, 4S shop staff Zhang Jun came over, the clothes did not have time to take off, they jumped into the river, and the fastest speed to the drowning. The river was very dirty, often exudes the smell, 3 meters deep, regardless of Zhang Jun, into the water, from the back of one hand hold water, put his head out of the water to swim to the river side. However, the embankment is vertical, Zhang Jun and water to the shore but not on the shore. Zhang Jun saw a drainage pipe under the embankment, immediately grabbed. No one on the shore of Henan, and all the people in the north side of the river, to the other side of the river for a long time. Colleagues encouraged Zhang Jun insisted, while shouting for help. Everyone shouts started a family on the South Bank of the river, people notice drowning families. The families shouted to help bring you the next door neighbours, ladder, rope, bamboo and other rescue tools. A hand holding the old man Zhang Jun, in the water to support more than and 10 minutes have been exhausted, at this time, there are two rescue swimmers jumped into the river, replacing Zhang Jun holds water. Finally, we join in, drowning and Zhang Jun finally rescued ashore. According to reports, to save guy Zhang Jun 26 years old this year, Taizhou City, Jingjiang Bridge Town, originally as a crew, better water. Rescued the master Liu, more than and 50 years old this year, was in the backyard vegetable pull back sunscreen, accidentally kicked caikong fall into the river. The reporter learned yesterday, Zhang Jun recently won the Taizhou City courageous bonus 5000 yuan.相关的主题文章: