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Jianye boss praised Jia Xiuquan hit a turnaround to rewards players Jianye complete reversal source: football newspaper special correspondent Liu Chaofeng reported with reversed lore, the first time this year the central army staged reverse play, this time the victory also made Jianye soldiers advance Paul successfully. Last night, at the final stage of the final Super League, the team Jianye home court the reproduction of "giant killer" character, in a goal down, with a wonderful goal of foreign aid Osman and Patino, the final 2 to 1 unbelievable to staged a comeback. With the victory, Jianye team declared ahead of round four relegation. After the game has been on the podium watching the game Jianye boss Hu Baosen in the press room corridor waiting Jianye all the soldiers, and praised the old Jia played a nice turnaround, must be rewarded Jianye soldiers. This game, Jianye coach Jia Xiuquan sent Patino and Yin Hongbo, Ivo absolute main force, strive to in this essential "Lu Yu about" victory ahead of the relegation task. The two lines of the Luneng also sent the absolute main force to try to gain. The week of the AFC Champions League League, although Luneng was eliminated, but tenacious performance get outside praise. This return to the game over, but also to avoid relegation. The first game, a game of the integral Yatai has increased to 23 points above the relegation zone, Luneng only 4 points, Jianye road is not lost. After the game, Luneng team to run a run. Tenth minutes, Hao Junmin Road, Zhao Mingjian on the cross area, Cisse high Yueqi header Leipzig succeeded, Luneng 1 Lane 0 lead. Since Jianye coach Jia Xiuquan are forced to take the initiative to change, replaced by Osman McGowan to strengthen the attack. Thirty-eighth minutes, Jianye Yang Kuo – 45° pass in front of Li Songyi header top to their door, Wang Dalei holds the ball beam single palm. Slow motion shows Li Songyi headed the rescue when the handball foul, but the referee did not have any black tiger Xiao said, making the game of gunpowder intensified. The climax in the second half, has been far behind the Jianye team stormed the opponent tired. The last 10 minutes completely into Jianye time. Eighty-first minutes, Jianye force houchangchangzhuan, directly to Osman, the latter to the face of attack outside the box out of the way Wang Dalei angle tuishe, Jianye leveled the score 1 to 1 level. After scoring the team Jianye morale, ninetieth minutes, Ivo left free until after the ball, Samardzic after stopping across the door, Chen Hao and Patino in front of the relay succeeded, eventually Jianye team 2 to 1 to reverse this season Luneng, hit a rare comeback. Osman scored a goal in the first round of the league, but since then, the announcement of the goal and missed, but also the performance of the people can not be praised by the. However, since the last round of fighting Tianjin TEDA scored a goal after Osman, "the last radiance of the setting sun". The game in Jianye behind orders from the crisis, Osman replaced the passive performance of Osman McGowan, eye-catching performance, not only scored a beautiful goal equaliser, but not good header often. Osman was named after the game.相关的主题文章: