Jilin 19 high-speed road information part of the entrance to cancel the closing measures-ekdv-273

19, Jilin high-speed traffic information: November 19, 2016 14 measures to cancel the close entrance high-speed road: [high-speed road] as of 14, in addition to Jinghagaosu lalinhe river sand and Fanjiatun meters to five slope section, Hui Wu highway Antu to Hunchun segment and sub segment, stone wells to Daan Wang Yan highway, Yan Long highway, Expressway East Baishan crane Xinkailing section, double highway San Yuan Pu Railway Station, Tongnan Expressway and Baicheng Ring Expressway, double tender traffic; Hui Wu speed Changchun north to Halahai, north, Heda Highway West Ditch to government and Lushuihe to Fusong Fu Long Expressway from Fusong to Changbai Mountain due to road is icy close the entrance; shenjingzi Xin’an section of Daguang Expressway limit seven (including seven) or more passenger traffic and other highway Road limit seven (including seven) or more buses, hazardous chemical vehicles, large car pass. Refers to the center in November 19, 2016 13 when the high speed road: as of 13, in addition to Hui Wu Expressway from Antu to Hunchun, Wang Yan expressway, expressway, expressway crane nobutatsu Baishan East Xinkailing section, in the San Yuan Pu Railway Station, Tongnan double highway traffic; Hui Wu speed Changchun north to Halahai, Heda Highway West Ditch to officer area due to the icy road entrance closed; Xin’an section of Daguang Expressway shenjingzi limit seven (including seven) above the other highway passenger traffic, limit seven (including seven) or more buses, hazardous goods vehicles, large trucks. Count refers to the dispatching center of high-speed road: 11:40 on November 19, 2016 [] the Executive Bureau Command Center 11:40 Changchun Beltway west station, Qingnian Road station, Changchun car station, Changchun Hui Wu speed north to WangFu Railway Station, DaShiTou Railway Station to the Yellow River, Fu Long high-speed to Yitong Fumin station, Yi Liao high-speed to mainline station to Dongliao, high-speed east camp Na Dan Bo to the Dongfeng Railway Station, high-speed, crane to the river station, Shuangliao north station to a wide high-speed, long deep high ridge to the south of Shuangliao to cancel the entrance off measures; prohibit the seven seat and seat more than seven passenger cars, large vehicles, dangerous goods vehicles. 11:20 on November 19, 2016: the new road: high-speed road 19 at 11:20 in the morning, Changchun Hui Wu highway toll station east large truck traffic, small car tickets to enter the high-speed, or other vehicles to take measures to limit line. In addition to passenger transport vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, more than seven small passenger cars other than the normal traffic. Area of Changchun East, Lotus Hill, the airport, nine toll stations are expected to be fully opened at 12 points, accurate information but also depending on road conditions can be determined. Here to remind the driver: Although the surface area of snow can be removed, but the high-speed toll station to the airport Hui Wu Hui Wu 430 km section of the road there is snow and ice. Advise the driver when the freeway to life for you to become civilized, law-abiding China good driver. Remember: your driving your accomplishment, steering wheel, carrying your throttle is not the speed and prestige, but a heavy;相关的主题文章: