Jilin and Hainan remote medical treatment of direct settlement opened truffe

Jilin province and Hainan remote medical immediate settlement opened in November 1st, our province of Hainan province and remote medical billing expansion upgrade signing ceremony was held in the Social Security Bureau of Hainan Province, which marks the designated hospital in two Medicare patients can be in hospital to enjoy each other, foreign direct settlement convenience and benefits. The number of Hainan birds elderly increased year by year year winter, there are a lot of people choose to go to the northeast of Hainan "cat winter", known as "old birds". "These years, Hainan province is the province of resettlement of retired personnel living in many provinces, there are a large number of retirees in Jilin province to warm in Hainan every year, some people even have settled in Hainan." Provincial Department of human resources and Social Department official said, the number of this group increased year by year, while Hainan province to do business in our province, workers are more and more. Solve the remote medical services in two provinces, will greatly benefit this type of population. In the Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, Ms. Zhang Jilin Ji Ji Qiong that both medicare hospitalization direct settlement officially opened after the news is very happy, "my mother is Jilin provincial health insurance, now suffering from renal insufficiency, every month to live in two homes, when I was a teacher at the Hainan University, I can’t go back to Jilin to treat with mom." She said that although the settlement of the previous settlement of Jilin people in Hainan medical problems, but reimbursement to wait a month or so, not convenient and quick. During the year is expected to be with the provinces to achieve direct settlement "the cooperation achieved by the provincial, city Changchun beneficiaries to cover all insured people in 13 districts of the province, clearing the way from the original principal settlement to direct settlement now." Jinhua Provincial Health Insurance Bureau said. As the country’s first remote medical treatment pilot provinces, the province in 2014 to achieve a remote province medical direct settlement, in 2015 launched the trans region direct settlement pilot. This year, expanding the scope of direct settlement and remote provinces, Xinjiang, Guangxi, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan and other 5 provinces signed the inter provincial remote medical cooperation agreement, is expected this year will be the full realization of direct settlement with these provinces. At present, the remote medical treatment in Jilin province has been the direct settlement of 113 thousand insured benefit, settlement of medical expenses of about $1 billion 600 million. What procedures of remote medical treatment here in Hainan Jilin how to handle remote medical procedures? According to the director of the provincial medical insurance expense settlement department Liu Hongliang introduced, at present, two provincial remote medical insurance patients only need to be insured to the insurance agencies, residence or temporary residence permits, fill in the application form, the insured in Hainan province after the formalities in Jilin province the local health insurance agencies to apply for temporary medical card direct medical treatment Jilin province Medicare patients can 37 hospitals from Hainan province in 4 home directly to the hospital, hospital and local residents as a direct settlement. Note that, whether before handling the registration of remote medical billing, this upgrade expansion, to inter provincial direct settlement of Medicare patients need to place health insurance agencies for registration. Specific questions can be asked how to apply for the insured medical insurance agencies. Reporter Chen Qiong相关的主题文章: