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Jilin snow haze Qi to the traffic of ice and snow tourism opportunities are difficult – Beijing News Agency Changchun November 5 Xinhua (reporter Li Yanguo) 5, a "large snowflakes" will be the capital city of northeast central China Changchun "painted" white. At the same time, the steady state of the atmosphere so that the days of fog and haze can not be dissipated here, smooth ice and snow road traffic situation worrying. This is this year since the winter Changchun suffered the biggest snowfall weather. The road is smooth as a mirror, and even some car suddenly flick, thrilling scene. Monitoring shows that as of the day of 8, Changchun urban PM2.5 concentration reached 358 micrograms per cubic meter, air quality reached the highest level of pollution, serious pollution, poor visibility, two hundred or three hundred meters have blurred vision, high-rise buildings are partly hidden and partly visible. Although coincides with the weekend, not many street road vehicles busy on weekdays, but subject to multiple adverse weather factors, Changchun also appeared more serious traffic congestion. Changchun, snow also affected Jilin province Baishan and Yanbian etc.. Jilin traffic police department test showed that the patrol car travels at 60 kilometers per hour in Heda Expressway in Dunhua, need to slow down nearly 40 meters to stop. Beijing Kazakhstan, crane large part of the high-speed sections because of measures taken off the icy road. But the snow is not just to bring negative effects, for China snow tourism in Jilin Province, the white Xueyi "platinum". With the help of the cool snow machine, Jilin Province, many large ski resorts have begun to build artificial snow snow, ready to start a new year’s snow carnival, welcome Chinese and foreign guests to play in the snow. (end)相关的主题文章: