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Jin Chen play good legs   Wang, Jin Chen’s "Laughing Man – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Jin Chen play good legs, Wang Jin Chen was laughing Man Wang, explore the tomb lines the most headache less is" man "jokes Jin Chen yesterday, produced by Iqiyi pictures, to Huayi Brothers, CO produced super season broadcast drama" ghost chuideng Makino: first thing "open media goings. Director Zhao Xiaoxi, brother Zhao Xiaoou, starring Wang Dalu, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and they all took part in the media group interview with the actor, such as, as well as in the works of the people’s Republic of China. He took the lead in the. King Jin Chen said with a smile, is simply a hanging man, Kung Fu is extraordinary, all their care, only when the "spiritual leader". Wang Yuexin is a movie free yourself of the body force field, counseling, cheap, flamboyant character get all-round display.   "ghost blows a thing" by the Makino new church director and screenwriter, Tian Yusheng dragon hill, Liu Bohan, surgeon, the brothers Zhao Xiaoxi, director Zhao Xiaoou co directed, the original author of the World tyrants sing and Huang Xiaoming Co producer. It is produced by Iqiyi, founder, CEO Gong Yu from shooting, producer, producer, film to founder, CEO Xiao Fei, and the chief producer, Iqiyi made close attention and support of the general manager of the Dai Ying drama development center. It is a gathering of the popular idol, Jin Chen, Wang, Wang Yuexin, and the strength of the actors were Zhang Boyu, Zhang Xin, Shi Peng, Li, Ceng Mengxue, Xu Yi, tiger Qiu Bo portrait of joining.   fantasy elements difficult rain let tomb variable pool   as the World tyrants sing the most influential "ghost chuideng" series of novels by IP, the World tyrants sing personally penned adaptation of the super network drama "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" especially by the outside world. The play focuses on the son of Hu Hu eighty-one days (played by Wang Dalu) and moon (Jin Chen personate), Raleigh (played by Wang Yuexin), Wang Yao (played by Zhang Boyu), small gold teeth (played by Zhang Xin) into the Millennium tomb for Hu Tian parents of the whereabouts of the story.   set on the same day, "Zhao brothers Zhao Xiaoxi, director Zhao Xiaoou is being carried out inside the tomb of Zhang Liang part of the shooting. Talk about "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" all the way to shoot down the experience, Zhao Xiaoxi said with emotion, this drama fantasy elements most difficult, but it is also the only part of the audience’s desire, "the whole drama is a severe test of cost and time, thank you with the help of the team and Iqiyi, and to support the smooth shooting pictures, near the end, will be a different works to the audience." Director Zhao Xiaoou also said, "it is different from other TV series, to shut off a live, more like adventure puzzle theme. We shot too, build the 53 big scene, a scene a scene shot". In addition to the crew through Daguai, but also with the world fighting, Zhao Xiaoou is recalled heavy rain brought unexpected test recently: "we were just beginning to dig the Chu tomb scenes, arouse a lot of excavator. However, a heavy rain let the pit into a swimming pool, a great loss, but delayed the progress of robbed back)相关的主题文章: