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Yoga Joseph Letzelter is just the second name of yoga. Yoga is a way through which a person can relax his mind and body by energizing themselves. It can be said as a means through which a person does self realization and he makes a step forward to realize himself and his abilities. Joseph Letzelter is said as the master of yoga because he has been practicing it and teaching others with much care. It can be said as traveling within ourselves and knowing more about ourselves. Yoga originated in earlier times, people used to do self realization by means of Dhyana which made them very relaxed. According to Joseph Letzelter yoga is a magical treatment which can heal you if you have the self belief in it. Yoga is totally different from exercises as it requires stretching of body with more softness. Yoga not only consists of asanas and pranayam which is from Hatha yoga because it is a broad concept then this. It is a .bination of exercises, dhyanas, sports and medicine way used to fill ones heart with joy and freshness. He says that yoga can heal anyones grievances by simple ways. He practices these particular types of yoga mudra and teaches the same to all. These mudras help us to low down our depression and stress so that we can start up our work with more enthusiasm. The following are the mudras: * Hakini Mudra * Bronchial & Asthma Mudra * Pran Mudra * Linga Mudra * Apan Mudra * Shankh Mudra * Surabhi Mudra * Vayu Mudra * Shunya mudra This are practiced by him and advises others to do it so to get relief from diseases without eating dozens of medicines. He says that young or old anyone can practice it not for curing disease but to stay healthy and have a happy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: