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Korean media said China hype "Xiaoheiwu" intended to vent discontent Korea Korean media: China hype "black house" is a vent for Han discontent "hundreds of tourists in Jeju Island, Chinese refused entry was" dark room "has become a" eleven "golden Monday hot topic. However, according to the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju Island political news team staff Wei Lijiao said the details of the relevant news to be verified. South Korea, "Central Daily" issued a document questioned the incident occurred in a sensitive period, the Chinese media are in this way to vent dissatisfaction with South korea". According to the "Beijing News" reported that the "eleven" during the golden week hundreds of people because of the no paper hotel orders "," no leader "," immigrant "and other reasons refused entry, the airport was put in the dark room". Stranded in the crowd, some people have been trapped for more than 5 days. A lot of tourists stranded during Chinese reflect the "black house" in extremely poor condition, tourists can only sleep in one’s clothes. Chinese tourists detained South Korean airport widely reported the "black house" event in the domestic media, the Korean media also began to pay attention to the event, and that is China media deliberately hype. South Korean KBS television said 7 days, Chinese media reports focused on National Day during transfer flight in ROK tourists detained events. Reported that China reported by the media in the Taegu Airport detained Kwak three people, because there is no visa, and have not been able to prove their identity guide or witness, the customs to the normal procedure to detain and deport. Another South Korean media "Central Daily" said, Chinese media coverage of the event A thing has its cause. The report said that in China and South Korea because of "Sade" at a sensitive stage, China media reports continue to "black house", the South Korean cosmetics semi permanent carcinogenic events, coupled with the previous Samsung explosion and other negative news, "in this way to vent discontent in South korea". When talking about this issue, Wei Lijiao said in October 9th to accept the "Global Times" interview, is still unable to confirm how many China tourists refused entry, and explained that the "black house" is the airport "back waiting room", Chinese tourists not to receive the person in prison. The waiting room for Korean Kang, therefore did not give Chinese visitors bedding. During the detention, can communicate with the Consulate Chinese tourists, if treated unfairly, can collect evidence, solve through judicial channels. Chinese Consulate General in Jeju consul said although Jeju Island repair industry, which belongs to the visa, but does not mean you can direct entry visa. Even if you have a visa, there is the possibility of being denied entry. In addition, the recent spate of two Chinese tourists in Jeju Island, South Korea made the crime, so the Cheju Airport entry and exit management department to strengthen the review of immigration officers. Observer network has reported that in September of this year, occurred in Jeju Island, South Korea involved in the murder of Chinese tourists in the local cause of concern, some South Korean Internet users asked to abolish visa entry policy. But Li Teng, director of the Jeju Special Administrative Bureau of tourism, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, Jeju local government does not approve of the abolition of visa policy, the overall atmosphere of Jeju is very welcome Chinese tourists. South Korea Ji Jun相关的主题文章: