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Kurashina Kana San Pu Xiang Ping playing "love Lun love winter" will broadcast entertainment "Sohu love winter" launched in January Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) next January will broadcast the drama "love winter winter gear" day before will determine the starring actress Kurashina Kana, San Pu Xiang Ping staged a bedroom partner. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama "love winter" from April this year on Hayama Riko’s original "happy fruit adaptation" team building, original screenplay writer Suzuki Shu. Kurashina Kana in the play was work light, played by San Pu Xiang Ping is the two generation light rich healing light male, married former boyfriend in farewell and accidentally, deep whirlpool not Aaron love cannot extricate oneself. The show will be held in mid December in the suburbs of Tokyo officially start shooting, Kurashina Kana said he rarely played such complex emotions of love drama, I feel it is very difficult in the play acting, but they are willing to meet this challenge. For the first time together with Kurashina Kana San Pu Xiang Ping said the characters of jealousy of their own strong also met for the first time, hope to be able to feel the need to perform the role.相关的主题文章: