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Landscape gardening off-road pickup hi so can play at the end of October Changsha under a drizzle, the weather. But in the Changsha Jiangling 4S store but it is a different kind of picture. Drums, more than 20 users gathered in Jiangling, ready to start a future dream journey. Xiaoxiang is on behalf of the Hunan. The more in Xiaoxiang, men of literature and writing, Yongwu Shuhuai, therefore also left a multitude of Xiaoxiang scenery and poetry. Lu You once wrote in the poem: "brush when E Yasuke, is there not to Xiaoxiang poem." To win the picturesque Xiaoxiang, Jiangling owners will open a beautiful scenery of the ancient poet feelings journey. From Changsha to Liuyang, more than and 80 kilometers of road, a road full of laughter. More than and 20 sets of Jiangling Automobile fleet passing place is definitely a unique and beautiful scenery. The owners were also gradually from strangers becomes familiar, the intercom came up with laughter, even from the Jiangling pickup owners of brotherhood. Follow the footsteps of people to move off Sao to play, to enjoy a comfortable journey, Jiangling is advocated by the new concept of life pickup. Jiangling hope through activities for the owners to have the free spirited attitude towards life, landscape gardening, live out their own piece of heaven. A part of Jiangling After rain the sky looks blue., diesel gasoline hutch challenge begins. Seldom back when a field racer, the owners for actively, are eager for a fight strong want to try 1.8T and domain tiger book. Cross country race, stress is strong power and good pass. Set the game in the deep pit, pit shells and many other high hurdles were "Jiangling pickup Hutch" by conquest. Acceleration collection 1.8T gasoline car super tiger card, off-road true temperament, won the present owners praise. The evening of the collection 1.8T listing conference, but also to the presence of the owner realized where the dynamic strength of 1.8T blue book. This new version of the book is equipped with 1.8GTDi gasoline engine, full of "blue" technology: Turbo + cooling technology, GDI, double continuous variable VVT, electronically controlled variable displacement pump, cylinder bevel sliding honing etc.. These "blue technology" have a common characteristic, that is: make the best use of fuel saving and emission reduction. The new engine can improve the fuel economy of 40%, reduce emissions by 30%, and based on the displacement of the 1.8L, broke the power equivalent to the displacement of the 2.4L, with the 6MT gearbox, the maximum power 130kW, maximum torque of 280Nm, in 1500 -4500 can maintain peak torque, far higher than the range on the market similar products can keep the peak torque, low speed high torque advantage, and 100 km fuel consumption is only 8L. The blue book 1.8T unlimited potential. The two day event, let the participation of every friend and Jiangling JMC brand leadership and staff become brothers. Let people know about the pickup, change the traditional concept of Jiangling pickup, is always trying to, but also a responsibility to promote its own brand of Jiangling pickup development. Jiangling need more people to promote skin.相关的主题文章: