Lang Ping there is no time to consider the renewal of the women’s volleyball team always stand in

Lang Ping: no time to consider the renewal of the women’s volleyball team has always been standing in the forefront of the world, Lang Ping and the team to participate in the activities of the end of the sina sports news Hongkong Macao trip, the Chinese women’s volleyball team arrived in Beijing yesterday. In the morning of the brilliance auto group and China National Women’s volleyball team official cooperation Festival ", China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping said whether to renew is still under consideration. "Just the end of the Olympic Games, there is no vacation, personal future plan has not thought." Rio returned, the spirit of the women’s volleyball team once again become the focus of attention. Brilliance Auto Group China Hua Song 7 business women’s volleyball team presented a car, giving each a Chinese women’s volleyball team Chinese V3 car. Review the title to road, coach Lang Ping mentioned a lot of emotion, the 2013 championship, she said: "that is the lowest point is also the starting point China women’s volleyball team in 2013, beginning to take over China women when we are in the planning, and gradually realize. A young army every year to attract young players to build Chinese women, regardless of who is teaching in the future, I hope Chinese women can stand in the world ranking forefront, will inherit the spirit of women." In addition to Lang Ping, the return of two veteran Rio is also an unforgettable scene, in particular, missed the 2015 World Cup in the year of Hui Ruoqi, a year ago missed the champion had let the girl some lost. "Due to heart problems and we did not play together, there is definitely a regret and loss, especially in the first half of the world cup we didn’t play well, especially for the team hopes to try," at the Rio Olympics, this strong girl to catch the last bus, and ultimately contribute their part to women’s volleyball team. For the injured Rio Wei Qiuyue Veteran General at the crucial moment was about Rio, she is still the self-confident girl. She said: he was sent after the game is very confident, which is derived from the deployment of Lang Lang before the deployment and the requirements of each person is very detailed, as long as the whole body into the game, the normal level of play can be." At the end of September this year, Lang Ping and Chinese Volleyball Association contract is about to expire, Tokyo Olympic cycle, the iron hammer team can continue to go into battle? In this regard, Lang Ping said busy no time to consider, in her view, is currently in urgent need of a holiday. (Li Xin)相关的主题文章: