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Master Xuecheng: have to have a light of wisdom is the heart good enough, but also to have the wisdom literature Master Cheng Huigen, the root of wisdom. The roots of the plant are hidden in the earth, invisible but contains vitality; wisdom is a past lifetime accumulation of practice, this one show, is to have a "natural" Sambo faith, although "haven’t learned" is to have an in-depth understanding of the Dharma, "nature" has a lot of practice the flow and so on, these are because the past ever planted the seeds of wisdom, the wisdom. We were trapped, confused, because of every hue see too much, I do not know right or wrong, just like the darkness covered the darkroom, and as the clouds of the sky. Listen to the teachings, like light and darkroom lamp, like clouds scattered Hui sunrise, heart bright, naturally not confused. To hear and learn wisdom often. Cultivate mindfulness, slowly will reduce delusion, worry and wisdom is a reciprocal relationship. The body is sick, need medication, treatment, the delayed disease need treatment cycle is longer; the heart is so, delusion, worry is not the formation of a day, nor a short time to cultivate mindfulness, to truly hear the thinking and practice, adhere to hard can. Little by little consciousness. When the heart is full of negative emotions, only the positive energy can be transformed. This positive energy, or from the "broad, or from the thinking of suffering and impermanence deeply, or from the change from his vows, all through a variety of physical such as thinking, sublimation, into the realm of heart, let the bitter into practice opportunities. The heart of the trouble to be purified, the heart can be calm, enron. Many people in the world hate injustice, not really want to maintain the "fairness", but complain that they did not want to get yourself at once; the interests of the party, will not go to "fair" this matter. Such as thinking should be: when you feel bitter, bitter to think because of where to cut off it; when you want to go to the blessed time, blessings come from where it continues to grow. To protect themselves from troubles with wisdom of heart, to help others with compassion you. Not only do not feel isolated wronged themselves as weak; and thou not confrontation, contempt and rejection of other colleagues. Everyone has their own values, are the disadvantages, but most people do not understand the karma, see more, for the sake of dimethoate, but often a cause of pain. The reputation of arrogance, even proud as Lucifer; reputation, become dizzy with success, often accompanied by slander; lust for fame, live in other people’s words are not extremely distressed; reputation, worry about personal gains and losses, is impermanent, can the skies can also fall; the student’s reputation can not bring it up later greed, anger, slow heart and bad karma will follow our generation after generation. Adhere to and put down is not contradictory, to find what to adhere to, what to put down. It is like "spear" and "shield" is not contradictory, spear is used to attack the enemy, the shield is used to protect themselves, the two purposes are consistent. Chinese four Bodhisattvas: Avalokiteshvara, Manjusri Bodhisattva, bodhisattva,.相关的主题文章: