Let the children become smarter, not making up or increase the amount of work, but… – maternal Soh jiqingwuyuetian

Let the children become smarter, not making up or increase the amount of work, but… – [picture] maternal attention selection of Sohu, to obtain the wisdom of parenting! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! Let the children become smarter, not makeup, not to increase the amount of work, but reading, reading and more reading. Sue Home Linsky reading is an important cornerstone of education, and even educators to read the importance of school education. However, in our current education system, children have never been taught how to read. As for parents, children’s reading is worrying: first, the child wasn’t interested in or are only interested in a book. How to cultivate interest in reading? Second, reading speed is too fast, it can understand how much? How to guide the reading process? Third, children love to read books for Chinese, English readings will be eager to look at translation. How to read English? The following is based on the di Ze senior reading tutor teacher LILY a share online content arrangement, also LILY to their teacher in adolescents (10-18 years old) consider reading field many years of teaching experience and summary, make the system to answer the above three questions. What are we talking about when we are interested in reading? [problems: how to cultivate children’s interest in reading] many children have no interest in reading, not because there is no book, home instead, parents bought many Chinese and foreign masterpiece, to teach children the importance of reading, how to blame the children have no interest in reading! Good intentions aside, we found that the result of this is that children with reading lopsided. The answer is: not only the classic is the most appropriate] we encourage children to read masterpieces. However, is a masterpiece for the reader, the request inevitably is high, as a wise elder, superior; while standing in the reading hall outside the gate of the child needs, is just a kind of partner, holding his hands together to explore a new world. Children and adults in a completely different perspective to observe the world, only suitable for the characteristics of children’s books can become the driving force of interest. From our previous teaching experience, very few children will resist those, such as Potter, and other really good children’s books, such as the book of books, such as "Harry" and so on. Answer two: [to find a "home run" to love reading] American scholar Trelease (2001) believes that as long as a good reading experience, you can create a love of reading people. He borrowed from Fadiman (1947) of the "home run" word, such a book called "home run book". In the work of the children and I found many "home run": read George Orwell "animal farm", opened the door to the children to think independently; read "MichaelMorpurgo" oranges and lemons ", let seven grade boy Ian Mc Ewan tears trickling down cheeks; read" dreamer Peter ", let the children feel infinite force in imagination.相关的主题文章: