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"Light" with toxic properties buhaore small way to fly this Xiaobian today after thinking about the century problem: what to eat for dinner? Then boss’s mail popped out and the mail was marked as an important S mail! Lying trough will not be a sudden meeting today and overtime! Small drops of fear after reading the mail, the original is a new domestic animation will be released, BOSS felt this good animation! To fire! Would red! Awesome! (in the mail with so many modal words boss you have seen) what domestic animation? How hard can it be? Our platform is the high-end atmosphere on the level of those young ah level domestic animation we will not push, OK? BOSS also said that this is a number of Warcraft loyal powder homemade, according to the hand tour "endless expedition" adapted by the human animation. Oh well, look at the wower is on the part of this small series to see if this animation is not worth recommending. We start from the Mobile Games "endless expedition", hey.. Release time is coming soon! They made a call [Tessa Ruimu] the God of the Sun newspaper column, made several period, each issue very carefully, to collect opinions and the statistics of game player, accurate data, and oh, the soul artist will dedicate some interesting graffiti. "We just want to play a game, a game that can live in it, and the world will never end.". This is our obsession, but we have no regrets may No one shows any interest in, forward. This is our intention to make endless expedition." In order to better experience the players, Lei studio is also very hard ah! And they are not satisfied with this, out of a dedication and love, a full of sincerity of the new animation, the light is not good, it is coming. "Light" to be trifled with you at the end of September, administrative micro-blog has already had LOGO see the animation, you have wood and small part without shouting wow, ~66 drops around. The word of the light let Xiaobian think of World of Warcraft in the priest, small make up guess: the priest to fire. In addition, it is also the animation of the mosaic, hey hey know. There are posters Xiaobian want to say that the male you get out of the way, from the red haired sister paper and Catwoman sister paper, I want to see sister paper! The red haired woman warrior super cool, combat report! Good sexy Catwoman, tight uniforms! Who is the woman in the end? Seriously, the picture looks really good, character modeling, lighting effects, rendering techniques are good ah! The most let Xiaobian feel incredible is this piece of the end of the world? Natural disasters? Big monster? This is the rhythm of heaven! Small memory can no domestic animation to make such scenes. We are also beginning to look forward to the animation of it, please pay attention to micro-blog @ light is not easy to get more information!相关的主题文章: