Lin Chiling denied that Jerry Yan had no one around

Lin Chiling denied Jerry Yan and me: no one really composite Lin Chiling Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Lin Chiling [micro-blog] before the outgoing compound with Jerry Yan [micro-blog], and C businessman surnamed pursuit, but never a positive response, she attended the 18 Vieshow studios 4DX hall opened, a red dress looks energetic she smiled, said: "these reports life quite exciting, but I really have no side." Lin Chiling smile said nobody wanted to introduce me, will seriously turn the "old friend’s contact book". Lin Chiling and Vieshow chairman Dennis to accept the association to visit, but the feelings of the world is still of concern for Jerry Yan and businessman, she only replied: "I really have no one around, the man (of people) he is the wrong way? Do you need to navigate?" Asked about the Mid Autumn Festival holiday? She said: "because cousin married, I was at home to help with the children." Buddy Hsu Chi [micro-blog], Ruby Lin [micro-blog] are flash marriage, himself has said his next adventure is the flash marriage, she said with a wry smile no person, "(condition) is satisfied I genuinely and sincerely and genuinely and sincerely." She also told the media: "without (the only people genuinely and sincerely), you." The frequency was to marry, also called the "golden 3S lady", the heart will not mind? Lin Chiling once again show high EQ: "as you call me Ling sister, like, do not mind." But Lin Chiling still positive said: "well, I will go to the old friend’s contact book, to hear the teachings of everyone, I will do so!"相关的主题文章: