Line Note7 Samsung’s first explosion blamed external cause product damage is caused by external heat-dingxiangwuyuetian

The first explosion Note7 Samsung said the product is damaged blame external external heating lead to morning news recently came online in the state line version of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 "first burst" incident, yesterday, China Samsung released a statement on its website said in a detailed analysis of the product, the product is damaged due to inference external heating. Yesterday, the state line version of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier Amperex Technology Limited also said in a statement, according to earlier media reports of the Note 7 "first burst event, in conjunction with Samsung on the problems of the samples were studied and the judgment of the combustion of the sample and production of the battery has no direct relationship. According to the trace of combustion on the sample, it is speculated that the heat source comes from the outside of the battery body, and there may be other external factors that cause the heating problem. However, as of press time last night, reporters, the two companies did not give more details of the investigation, and did not explain how the user’s loss of treatment. However, the day before yesterday in the Note 7 bar post broke the matter, the first explosion event parties, Chihuahua you have not made any response. Hot news: Shanghai municipal government led the new division of labor: should brave the executive vice mayor of electronic police illegal capture enabled one and a half million Pudong accumulated 1.88 SMS sent a man from the 15 Floor falls dead was a single tenant exposure Liu Xiang father had advised Liu Xiang Wu Sha accused of cheating suspected break Wu Sha derailed Shanghai Changning Xin Lan Area murder occurred the son was controlled by the police in Shanghai today weather forecast: cloudy local short showers later this week, the temperature rose slightly相关的主题文章: