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Liu Shuailiang "water" donkey exposure ultimate notice interpretation of madness – Sohu "Adorable contrast entertainment donkey water" Liu Shuailiang "donkey official poster water" stills Sohu entertainment news by happy second classic comedy film "twist produced water" donkey revealed yesterday as the ultimate trailer and posters, the "new costume niche" Liu Shuailiang in the rural sports teacher Zhou Tienan, with exaggerated performance of second expression package, a surprise to fans in shock. From October 10th onwards, Liu Shuailiang will bring the film makers in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chengdu, Wuhan and a number of city promotional roadshow, together with the close interaction with the audience, attracted fans on the film industry and the strong expectation and concern. Liu Shuailiang "donkey water" Trailer poster big contrast strength contribution expression pack "donkey water" Ultimate Trailer continued the previous version of the trailer style, rhythm and lively, wonderful and capricious. Zhou Tienan Liu Shuailiang played in the film the keywords "madness" interpretation is in place, willing to sacrifice for the users with image expression package, to create the sound of roaring will head the full of tender feelings shattered at the same time, also let the audience side side is increasingly curious screenshots of what kind of magic can make people cry in a joke. The ultimate poster synchronous exposure is permeated with a festive atmosphere, with Liu Shuailiang and the trailer of a clown in the head was bandaged, squatting in the kitchen eating cucumber he contrasts a festive and revealed a faint absurdity, coupled with a high reputation on the drama "water" and the donkey the famous movie from the media film tongue portrait recommended "October movie," the donkey "water may surprise!" , completely detonated expectations of the industry and the audience. Liu Shuailiang led the publicity roadshow in advance viewing tickets "water" movie donkey in October 20th as a national release, starring Liu Shuailiang will begin in October 10th launched a series of publicity roadshow in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chengdu, Wuhan City, with the majority of fans interact like "water" the donkey. Only a roadshow information revealed that many cities in advance viewing tickets that had been looted, with the excitement of the audience get the ticket message on the official blog: "tomorrow will be met, handsome brother Liang roadshow refueling! Friends in other cities, I have to smile for the first time!" More fans drying out their own feelings and participate in the idol drama rehearsal version of "water" the donkey carries on the deep discussion, roadshow not open fire, a fan of the movie remarkable attention and enthusiasm. What is the "smile tears fly" movie will be how to impress the audience, how Liu Shuailiang in the film, the audience has to be seen. Happy twist second hilarious comedy masterpiece "donkey" water, by Liu Shuailiang Ren Suxi, starring in the October 20th National artist vigorously, Beijing, Tianjin, release, Xi’an, Chengdu, the first batch of Wuhan City roadshow has kicked off.   相关的主题文章: