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Live well, bright blind eye – maternal grandchildren Sohu recent mood better himself a bit feel shy. Spend a little time thinking about the reasons, with deep hatred and resentment, I found that I was probably inspired by the whole people, enough sun tanning. So, I feel like I have to record the little suns that give me energy. When mom first to say my bestie, five year old fairy mother, University teacher. When I code these words, I was alone with the children in Europe around. More than a month, from Spain to Italy, from Italy to France, made the most careful of the Raiders, spent all the money should be spent, saved all of the waste of time and cost, with a simple budget to the physical and mental well fed. Brush her circle of friends every day became a required course, look at those colorful records, as if they have heard the bell of Notre Dame de Paris. Yesterday she WeChat me: "these days I reckon the transition box of nearly 40 pounds, weighing 55 pounds even the airport!!! When I left the apartment in Paris, there was no elevator. I walked down the stairs from the six floor. Up and down the subway and train station. Hey, my energy is definitely up!" She wrote: "travel with children is a very hard but very happy thing. About half a year ahead of schedule to do the travel plan, route, rhythm, details…… Not only have I like to consider the child’s body, but I never. I don’t care what the time the child is too small can not remember, the so-called "remember", many adults talk about vanity. She had those extreme happiness, have those hard muscle memory is good. Or I’ll take her to accompany me to travel so willing to let her feel the way I grew up before the start of the meat (five Fairies) once said: "Mom, we are happy to finally go!" If she understood ‘stray’ like me, we would have had the same dream." Another is my former colleague, good friend, four year old boy’s mother. The young man was born with limited intelligence and slow speech. Thin stalks with hemp like mother, overnight have superhuman powers of teeth to protect him, but slow to grow and grow. Last spring, she suddenly ran beam with joy to me and said, "Hey, I want to go to Dali to open the inn, with his son, the whole China." I said: "into! Tomorrow I see you!" I did it last month. To that day, Dali heavy rain and strong winds, she stepped into the inn yard, see her riding on a pair of high boots tube commanding yellow goose, laughing. Washed her hair loose, shampoo smell any perfume than I have smelled the smell. At that time I thought: this guy really is to the whole China ah, saying this, pulled the boots! Then in the afternoon, we were in Erhai Lake sitting cross legged, eating duck neck, drink beer, when my sister sister also seriously pour rice juice? Crazy mother talk about life. And she, with four kittens in her arms, was sitting next to her son, who was only four years old相关的主题文章: