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Loans Owning a house in the current time is an expensive yet essential requirement. It is also a huge responsibility to purchase a house or any piece of land and take care of it in the long run. However, once you be.e the successful owner of a property after outing in all the hard effort, the results are usually worth the trouble. Having an asset in your life is always an added advantage for the obvious security and financial stability it provides you. One of the best and most .mon uses of property is taking a mortgage against the same. Banks term this type of mortgage as loan against property. In other words, when a certain amount of money is sanctioned as a loan to an individual, against his or her house or property it is termed a loan against property or second mortgage. Loan against property acts your financial savior in many occasions. You can avail immediate funds from the bank as loan by pledging your house or property against it. Banks and financial institutions give high preference to the person who owns assets, as this gives them assurance that the persona will be able to repay the loan on time. And even if the individual fails to repay the entire amount on time they have a property to .pensate the cost. Life is uncertain and can throw many unforeseen events at your face. A medical emergency, finding your childs overseas education, buying an expensive car, paying off all your debts with one large amount or organizing your daughters marriage the list of expenses is endless. This is how life functions, sometimes you are aware of the expenditures .ing ahead and sometimes you are not. Loan against property is a viable option to take a large amount of money as loan and then pay off later through convenient EMI. The rate of interest at which this loan is granted by banks usually swings between 12% to 15%. This is lesser than personal loan. The term of the loan is also 14 or 15 years. Loan against property has its own terms and conditions which must be fulfilled by an individual, if he or she intends to apply for this type of loan. However, once the loan is approved you can enjoy its benefits and easy repayment options. The limit of loan against property is also higher and you can use it for multiple purposes. The banks and private financial .panies usually monitor and keep a track of the value of your house or property. So, that affects your loan amount in a certain way. Prof of in.e and stable employment is a must. If you have been a frequent job hopper, banks might not be very pleased to grant you a loan against your own property. This is because even if you own a house to your credit, the EMI will still be paid on a monthly basis. So, you must have a stable monthly or annual in.e. The purpose of asking for in.e and employment proof is that banks need to be sure of your capability to manage EMI payment every month. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: