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LPGA Hana Bank match Ron Feng Shanshan half to lead T18 behind 8 bar (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time on October 14th, the U.S. champion Britt Leigh lanen (Brittany Lang) in the 15 hole, four hole open on a pole for the green, a dead eagle, then caught the bird in the last Friday hole, par 65, par 7, LPGA Hana Bank Championship second round lead. Feng Shanshan rose to eighteenth place. [results] after a day with Pu Shili in the end of the hall of Fame career in front of the home crowd, Britt Leigh lanen points in No. 15 hole, 251 yards four hole hit a hole. Her ball bounced onto the green and turned right into the hole, just a few inches into the hole, and finally stopped at a foot. "Yesterday, the hole against the wind, when I attack the green, the ball fell into the bunker, I dug up shot, still caught the bird," Britt Leigh Lang said, "today is the wind, so I can get past. I played a little high trajectory right curve, the ball eventually fell to the flagpole on the right. The ball landed very well, very soft, and then a little bit up…… I think it must be in the hole." In the 18 hole, five hole, U.S. women’s Open Championship with a wedge attack, after the first bounce ball hit the flagpole, it left a hole 15 inches more than putting the. She ended up in the sky 72 golf club, the cold calm conditions of the competition a bogey did not hit, caught an eagle and five bird. "It was a very happy day," said Britt. "The green is really hard, but it’s very nice.". The weather is perfect today." Britt Li – Blue’s two rounds of 134 points, lower than the standard par 10. The 31 year old’s July golf club in California Kant Will (CordeValle Golf Club) won the U.S. women’s open, she was in the playoff defeated Anna Nordquist (Anna Nordqvist). Solheim Cup team mate Alison Lee (Alison Lee) in the first round of a 65 bar after winning today after she shot 70, before slipping to a bar, located in second separate. Alison Lee, 15, shot into the hole hole as the eagle, tying Britt Leigh lanen, but in 18, bogeyed the hole. The 21 year old University of California at Los Angeles students kick-off entered the left long grass, then the third shot over the green, once again into the long grass. She hit a downhill high drop, the ball hole 7 feet. "Overall today, I feel like I can play well below par 2. Unfortunately, I was a little bit struggling with the last nine holes, "Alison Lee said." I didn’t push the push in the last nine holes. I missed a lot of birds. 10 hole, I actually also push three. I think that makes me feel scared. I’m afraid not the ball into the hole." Christie – (Cristie Kerr).相关的主题文章: