Lu media cannon missed the new season as captain of Shandong Sui ran-gamelink

Lu media: "cannon" missed the new season as captain of Shandong Sui ran and CBA Sui ran the most expensive foreign aid Cole Qilu news network October 22nd (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) the Shandong men’s basketball team in Ji’nan province stadium for the new season CBA League, and the new season of the Shandong team 18 list has been finalized, only the defender Xu Jiahan absent. In addition to the aid of two (2) Cole and Thompson, are domestic players (16): Cao Zhenhua, Jiao Hailong, Li Lin, Pan Ning, Wu Ke, Jia Cheng, Xu Yufeng, Tao Hanlin, Ding Yanyu, Li Honghan, Wen Yan, hang Sui ran, Zhang Hui, Yang Li, Li Jingyu and Liu Guancen. Among them, a new season has not been Jiahan registration. Xu Jiahan has 5 seasons of CBA experience, is the main local team once before, by teammate known as "cannon", then missed a league season, can only maintain their own state. Last season, a total of Jiahan Xu Shandong men’s basketball team played 28 Games, averaging 10.1 minutes, 1.1 points and 0.7 rebounds, 0.9 assists and 0.3 steals in the 2013-2014 season, his playing time can reach 20.6 minutes. The new season of the Shandong men’s basketball team captain, vice captain candidates are also changed, and Ding Yanyu two people hang Sui ran, are replacing the new season number, which is sui ran No. 6, Ding Yanyu No. 2 airlines. In addition, the distance from the start of the new season, there are 8 days, Shandong men’s basketball team should no longer have a warm-up match plan, but stay at the camp dedicated to prepare for the team’s new season before the official photo has been completed shooting.相关的主题文章: