Lying silkworm eyes + air muscle is what you should update the in makeup tide pork face

"Lying silkworm eyes + air muscle" is what you should update the in makeup makeup has led the tide lead: Beauty circle trend, especially the drama with the fire of makeup, too many to count a single product. Recently, in the two new makeup trend popular in Korea is from the hit drama "Moonlight" and "clouds" of The K2, which of the two is a look at the in makeup! (source: posters fashion network) "since clouds Moonlight" stills "cloud painted Moonlight" stills "Moonlight" cloud Korean painting since the broadcast, has been occupied with the micro-blog hot search list, not line, Jin Yuzhen was so adorable captured a lot of fans, although the play is still Lolita character. But also let her smooth transition from child star success, became the new force of Korean TV dramas well. When watching this drama, in addition to the poster King story, and lick the screen high Yan value main men, as a beauty editor’s discriminating power, weave also found the biggest bright spot is the high value of Kim Yoo Jung Yan under her eyelids small lying silkworm, laugh once super warm heart, the moment will be able to hook soul away. In the play, Jin Yuzhen is so elegant and refined small silkworm: Kim Yoo Jung Kim Yoo Jung Kim Yoo Jung is not everything that looks "fleshy" small silkworm and adorable burst table values? Jin Yuzhen Jin Yuzhen Jin Yuzhen can sell adorable innocent, but also can reduce the age of silkworm now but many Korean girls are in the pursuit of new fashion makeup oh. The drama "The K2" Lim Yoona said there is a drama, that is to say, being hit starring Ji Chang Wook and Lim Yoona’s "The K2", in addition to play Ji Chang Wook show Yan, show muscle, Wuli Yoona’s "air muscle" is triggered a new wave of stock makeup.   "The K2" Lim Yoona drama drama "The K2" Lim Yoona "The" Lim Yoona K2 drama about this drama, Wuli Yoona is really out of your previous roles, the usual idol burden completely away, she can run barefoot, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face in the streets of Barcelona, also can let the audience saw her feet regardless of the image covered all over with cuts and bruises, loud roar of terror…… This allows many people to see Yoona in acting on promotion, pick up this drama so rise directly to a high position. Lim Yoona "The K2" but she still see stills static yen value especially in the still, pure and beautiful, in which Yoona’s air muscle but has a big contribution. Lim Yoona "The" Lim Yoona "K2 The K2" from "The K2" stills Lim Yoona stills Yoona in the drama looks like pure makeup appearance, sometimes feel the skin is yellow, but in fact she is painting the makeup. Only her makeup even in the near distance in front of the camera, still very fit, approximate to zero makeup, like the air like there. But the general air makeup can make Yoona skin naturally soft, even if the lips are pale, also can let people love. Jin Yuzhen Lim Yoona how Get Kim Yoo Jung and Lim Yoona air silkworm eye muscle? This is the poster Jun Feng相关的主题文章: