Macheng Gueishan branch launched the income battle action effect-pullip

Macheng Gueishan branch launched the "income battle action effect in November 11th, Macheng City IRS Gueishan branch of statistics of the week income tax schedule shows, the Bureau organized a total tax revenue 6 million 364 thousand yuan, compared with an increase of 1 million 165 thousand yuan, has completed the annual revenue plan 95.7%. As a small mountain branch, scattered Gueishan branch sources, single structure. In order to complete the task of good tax revenue, the bureau to play the role of the Party branch Battle Fortress, withstand the downward pressure on income, organization of Party members and cadres launched a revenue war". First, the particles into the warehouse to grab the declaration. To strictly enforce the income discipline, actively grasp the daily administration, Zhuazao realistically push for calling up during the reporting period. The two is "smitten" catch check. The key for replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) four industry to carry out the inspection invoices, standardize the daily collection; grasp the tax inspection project, the project area to conduct a comprehensive clean-up tax; strengthen the gas station daily collection efforts, carry out the "eight clean" look back. Three is the responsibility of Bao Bao grasping assessment. Formulate special inspection program, set up a special inspection work program, the income of the crucial task decomposition of the implementation, formulate revenue organization assessment methods, income of crucial task to post the home to the people, and personal income and Pingyoupingxian hook, hook. The four is "balanced" grasping coordination. The optimization of tax services for taxpayers of income work understanding, support and cooperation, and actively to the local Party committee and government revenue report the progress of the work, for Party committee and government support for the tax work, the formation of organizing revenue critical force. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Huanggang] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: