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Mail door fermentation: Hilary’s right-hand man had kept confidential documents on the right-hand man of Abedin, assistant to the car on the side of the car, the right hand of. (data source: U.S. media) Chinese daily on 24 August, (Yan Yujie) U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary "mail incident continues to ferment, even her senior aides were also involved. According to U.S. media reported on August 23rd, the conservative organization "mail Judicial Watch" the latest show, Hilary’s longtime assistant Abedin in 2009 in India, once the government documents involving sensitive information in the car seat in front of. In an e-mail in July 20, 2009, she let Hilary’s personal assistant Yi Loti to a number of sensitive documents from her car in the front seat to the rear of the car trunk, in order to avoid being a diplomat see. She mentioned that these files in "burn bags". According to the requirements of the U.S. State Department, only confidential documents can be placed in the "burning bag". In an e-mail to send later, she asked for a nearby shopping center, the name of the shopping mall and New Delhi at a shopping mall. According to the U.S. Department of state information, Hilary was in India. In general, she and Loti at that time should also in India. She repeatedly provoked controversy in February 2016, the U.S. state department investigators subpoenaed Beiding again. According to U.S. media reports, the U.S. State Department attorney said, the State Council of Abedin in 2012 as Hilary’s husband, former president Bill · Clinton; the charity organization founded the Clinton foundation work of the mail survey was carried out. During those 6 months, she worked for the foundation, the State Department, Clinton’s private office and a private consulting firm with the Clinton family. Documents show that the focus of her trial in Hilary, the Secretary of state when the foundation of the federal government requires approval of the project Clinton. In August 2015, the British "Daily Mail" reported that the "Washington Post" and the "Wall Street journal" reporter, "New York Times" is now at the Ronald · Kessler in order to book "FBI secret and the first family life", interviewed a lot of White House secret service agents and agents before now. Agents in addition to Tucao Hilary, but also directed at her senior female assistant Abedin. A former agent said, Hilary in 2008 to participate in the U.S. presidential election, there is a debate within the party held in Losangeles, the day should have arrived early but Abedin drove his car halfway lost, call for the secret service. The agent who was sent to help came back. He said, Abbe Ding made a big fire, "I helped her, she is a thank you are not, Hilary’s men are too rude". In September 2012, the British "times" reported that sources said that Hilary and Abedin are same-sex relationship, the latter with her for 24 hours. In July 2012, Spain’s "world news" reported that the U.S. Congress, some Republican lawmakers accused she may as his brother will be placed into the White House spy, but the evidence is not sufficient. The charge for a while相关的主题文章: