Make unannounced visits to the Thailand Tour airport half day tour leader help shopping spree –

Make unannounced visits to the Thailand Tour: half day tour leader "to help passengers the airport shopping spree" – Sohu news in Thailand tourist attractions of the entrance, visitors often hear is probably not "Savoy Deckard" (Thai: Hello), but "water Jingjing" (beauty) "old mother" (handsome), as well as Thailand merchants and China among visitors to Seoul I went to the voice of bargaining. A sell crocodile leather traders told surging news: "no Chinese (), Thailand (Tourism) guadiao". In recent years, a large number of Chinese tourists to Thailand tourism, tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to the Thailand tourism economic belt to the vitality, which is a win-win result. However, some of the two countries, the two countries do not regulate the operation of tourism enterprises low-cost group, zero negative group is also a large number of emerging groups, forced shopping, forced to pay their own expenses and other issues are also increasingly significant. In this regard, the Thailand government decided to strike out the tourism market regulation. From September 28, 2016 to October 3rd, surging news reporters at a price of 4590 yuan, a 6 day 5 night in Thailand, found that the rectification in the background of Thailand tourism, there are still a lot of chaos. 6 hours in advance to the airport, many passengers can only sleep to kill time. Surging news reporter Yuyanitu secretly fight group leader said: Thailand tourism major renovation of the surging news reporter quoted the tour on September 28th in the afternoon departure from Shanghai Pudong Airport, to the airport, the reporter was informed of the mission to Shenzhen starting from the tour group fight, in more than a dozen other tourists are said to have never heard of before to fight groups". Shanghai group on the afternoon of September 28th, Thailand local time 18:00 or so to reach the hotel, was told the next morning 10:00 collection. Reporter inquiry tour itinerary provided by the discovery, departure time is 8:30, 10 o’clock after the collection, there are members of the group why 10:00 was set up, has been lying in the hotel for half a morning. The answer given is that the Shenzhen delegation to the hotel before midnight 2:00, in order to make them more sleep. October 3rd is the last day of the trip, the Shanghai mission to take flight 18:10 to take off, but around noon 12:00 members were pulled to the airport bus. Shanghai team leader explained, because the Shenzhen team’s departure time is about 14:00, can only pull together. Shanghai members from Shenzhen members say that the Shenzhen group’s membership fee is mostly about 3000, while the Shanghai group is generally about 4000. Some members questioned the fight not only caused a large number of members of the League of Shanghai waste of time, but also pulled down the overall quality of tourism. On the latter point, the team denied. There are members asked why the team did not advance notice to fight the group, the team leader explained that he did not know before going to the airport to fight the group, the company is a temporary notice to her. Recently, Thailand tourism renovation, the company can only get up to two cars a day. The leader told the visitors not to put this evaluation, saying it would affect her score, score will affect the rate of the group. She complained to the members, said Thailand major renovation led to no group next month, when the leader does not make money. Subsequently, she asked members to help them buy duty-free shops limited cosmetics.相关的主题文章: