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Man beaten meal table next to men: 20 years ago, he and my mother had a quarrel – Sohu news life newspaper February 22nd hearing the saying goes, the gentleman revenge ten years late, you can be seen because there are contradictions and hit 20 years ago? 17, a man on the East City restaurant in a home, it was a strange man hit. After the police control the batterer, the batterer said, "he quarreled with my mother 20 years ago."." According to bright border police instructor Zhang Yufeng, beat Zhang, 55 years old. On the evening of 17, Zhang and a few friends went to a shop to drink, suddenly a more than 20 year old man rushed up and waved his fist and beat zhang. Later, Zhang’s friend called the police. Subsequently, the light border police station Wang Tianyou, Tian Wei arrived, Zhang and the beating man Wu brought to the police station. Wu, 26 years old this year, according to his account, the original 20 years ago, Zhang and Wu family are neighbors, Zhang and Wu’s mother because of a little dispute quarrel, Wu Zhang put unpopular on the. Later, the two have moved away, did not think 20 years after Zhang and Wu again in the same restaurant on the event, Zhang has not know Wu, Wu is a recognized Zhang, is without demur to give a person bellyfuls of fisticuffs. Wu said: "20 years ago, I was small, beat him, and put it in mind.". The day when eating at him, I will catch up with the drink, he remembered this bully my mother, my heart you angry." At present, Wu was sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention by the police, fined 500 yuan.

男子用餐暴打邻桌男子:20年前他和我妈吵过架-搜狐新闻  生活报2月22日讯 俗话说,君子报仇十年未晚,可您见过因为20年前有矛盾而打人的吗?17日,东宁市一名男子在一家串店用餐时,就被一名陌生男子打了。警方控制打人者后,打人者称,“他20年前和我妈吵过架。”   据光明边防派出所教导员张玉峰介绍,被打者姓张,55岁。17日晚上,张某和几个朋友到一家串店喝酒,突然一个20多岁的年轻男子冲上来,挥舞着拳头将张某打了。随后,张某的朋友拨打了报警电话。   随后,光明边防派出所民警王天佑、田伟赶到,将张某和打人男子吴某带到了派出所。吴某今年26岁,据其交代,原来20年前张某家和吴某家是邻居,张某和吴某的母亲因为一点小纠纷吵过架,吴某便把张某记恨上了。后来两家都搬走了,没想到20年后张某和吴某又在同一家串店吃饭遇上了,张某已经不认识吴某,吴某却一眼认出了张某,便二话不说上去饱以老拳。吴某说:“20年前我还小,打不过他,就把这事记心里了。那天吃饭时看着他了,赶上我也喝了点酒,想起了他欺负我妈这事,心里一下就冒火了。”   目前,吴某被警方处以行政拘留15天罚款500元。相关的主题文章: