Man drunk driving on behalf of their own insist on driving to allow the master to sit copilot

Please stick to your man drunk driving on behalf of drive master sitting copilot original title: man drunk driving on behalf of their own but called drive master sitting copilot seat drunk all the way from the Xiaoshan high-speed, open to Yuyao, Huang (a pseudonym) did not encounter traffic police, which made him a little proudly, glance sitting in the copilot’s chauffeur, Huang wondered if the money, it is a drive to drive, please. Seeing only a few steps away, Huang met the traffic police set up checkpoints. Just want to abandon the car and run away, is out of control, this time, Huang pointed firmly sitting in the copilot’s chauffeur said: "the car is opened by him……" November 14th, Yuyao traffic police told reporters the case of this case. He was called drunk driving on behalf of more than 6 points for the master sitting copilot seat on November 8th afternoon, Huang drove from Yuyao to Hangzhou of Xiaoshan, students should be invited to a party. Students meet exceptionally happy, I can call on behalf of the driving drove back to Huang, let go to drink up, Siliangban bayberry liquor under the belly. More than 10 points that night party finish, the students know Huang drove to persuade Huang, called a generation of driving, and Huang did. But when the students are coming generation, lost, only Huang touch my stomach waiting, feel good drinker, Huang was about to get on the bus to drive away: "you go to the Deputy cab, I open!" Driving on behalf of some master Meng, Huang said: "the traffic police check, say you open the good!" After drinking wine is "capricious" temper Laohuang, driving on behalf of the master had with him. So, Huang driving a car, the copilot sat paid on behalf of the drive, from Xiaoshan on a high-speed, all the way to Yuyao. Hit the traffic police set up card "I didn’t drive him to lie" from the Yuyao high-speed road from Ningbo line to more than nine base mountain road, all right, Huang more proud of it. Unexpectedly, Huang finally hit the accelerator is not down, in front of the flashing lights so that he suddenly opened the door and stomped on the brakes, it wants to go, is the intersection card of traffic police in the eyes, three or four people come to the old control. Although we all see Huang is walking down from the cab, but Huang pointed to sitting in the copilot room, no response from driving on behalf of the said: "I have no car, the car is driving on behalf of!" Spend looking for a generation of driving, he insisted on drunk driving, this behavior let the police dumbfounding. Through the breath alcohol tester, alcohol content in respiratory 166mg 100ml Huang, already belongs to drunk driving. At present, Huang has been taking measures. (reporter Gong Zhenyue)   source: Evening News Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: