Man obsessed with the network to play a female anchor reward millions of elderly

Man obsessed with the network anchorwoman as a reward to defraud the elderly millions now, live network is more and more popular, in order to get the color of high value, talent more anchor attention, is one of the most simple way to anchor the gift. Many people get anchors a laugh, or even spend money like water, moving from the crooked brains. Sichuan Nanchong man Dengmou in order to give the favorite female anchor to give gifts, fraud on the millions of dollars, will also be sent to the detention center. Stake to make a lot of money? Sixty mother-in-law suspicious police reported the 36 year old Deng Nanchong, he opened a company called "China evaluation network shop near Leshan City Begonia Plaza, selling all kinds of daily necessities, rice, sesame oil and other health products, because the price is cheaper than the supermarket a few dollars, attracted a lot of elderly people come to panic buying. At the beginning of April, in a chat with a sixty old partner Wang Popo, heard that Deng stores are engaged in activities of foreign issued shares, spend twenty thousand yuan can buy a stock, monthly bonus 500 yuan, twenty thousand yuan paid back at the end of the year. In addition, the store every other time we have to organize free travel, many elderly people in the shares. Is it really a pie in the sky? Wang Popo decided to go to the store. Deng told Wang Popo, is now recruiting the second batch of shares of the member, the first batch of members of the shares have been the principal dividend. If the dividend as interest, interest is 6000 yuan a year, divided by the principal of $twenty thousand, the interest rate of up to 30%, far better than the deposit bank. However, the more the king’s mother, the more wrong, she felt that this rate of return is too high, too unreliable, she heard that there have been a lot of elderly people to take the savings to the store shares, the heart is very upset. Wang Popo hurried to the District Public Security Bureau in Leshan City Economic Investigation Brigade police, ask the police involved in the investigation. Fraud millions, actually to reward the network anchorwoman after the police investigation, more than and 20 "shareholders agreement" was found in Deng’s office, one of the largest amount of money is 200 thousand yuan, add up to a total of more than 1 million 200 thousand yuan of funds. Subsequently, the police investigation Dengmou bank accounts found that the account is only twenty thousand yuan. Where’s the million dollars? At the trial, Dengmou confessed his crime of illegal fund-raising fraud. 2013, Deng came to Leshan opened a parity Supermarket, initially he just sold some health care products and daily necessities. But not long after, Deng liked the popular online broadcast, and in the live broadcast of crazy obsession with the female anchor. Bo Confidante smile, Deng often spared no expense in the broadcast platform, send flowers applause and other virtual props, every watch live, he would spend a lot of money, cheap supermarket profit far from him on the network spending. To this end, Deng played a crooked brains, he occasionally invited shop patrons dinner, free travel, won the trust of old people put forward the issue of shares. In order to repay the first phase of the principal and dividends, he began the second phase of fund-raising, raising a total of $about 1200000, first fill in the first phase of the shares of 400 thousand yuan pit. According to Dengmou account, the remaining about 800000 yuan in addition to their daily expenses, all.相关的主题文章: